Medieval Medicine, Illogical and Superstition Essay

Medieval Medicine, Illogical and Superstition Essay

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The middle Ages was a time action and great emotion. Almost all the European inhabitants became Christian, because of this, the church had a lot of control over the people. The church used the beliefs of the people to control them, collecting land and taxes and making laws. The Bubonic Plague spread to Europe, the plague killed about 75 million people of world died from one single cause. Many superstitions were created cause of the Black Death, generate idea that were thought to prevent the plague but really did. Medicine was also not being studied carefully and correctly at the time. Not a lot of science was being use to conduct and create medical procedures and medicinal drugs. Medicine in the middle ages was primitive caused improper practice and beliefs.
There are many reasons for the way physicians, universities, scientist and the medieval people to faulty producers. Religion and beliefs can very easily sway the practice and the reasons why people react the way they do and why they do things. Religion during the medieval periods had many effects medicinal remedies and practices. The doctor of medicine knew well about the practice Aesculapius, Dioscorides, Rufus, Hippocrates (Chaucer 22-3). Some of the people that he mention are gods and many practices reverts to god for cures because Medieval physician lack knowledge so the physicians did whatever they could to make a cure.
Again religion is power belief system the change easily persuade the minds of many individuals to create ideas to help solve a problem and in reality and in science the solution the does not really work. Medicine was in the hand of the Christian Church and Muslims, (Rogers 23). Medicine may have been swayed by religion and trans...

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