Medical Knowledge Through Continuing Medical Education Essays

Medical Knowledge Through Continuing Medical Education Essays

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1. Discuss how most clinicians gain new medical knowledge through continuing medical education and reading but point out the obvious challenges.
Clinicians typically gain new medical knowledge through Continuing Medical Education (CME) and reading however, challenges exist. When clinicians are invited to an evening conference, it is typically used to socialize and unwind from the workplace. Therefore, there it is rarely the most appropriate atmosphere to provide new information to clinicians about products etc. “Much CME is provided free by pharmaceutical companies with their inherent biases” (Hoyt, Bailey, & Yoshihashi, 2014, p. 325). Clinicians that are interested in gaining more knowledge regarding products, technology, medication, diagnosis etc., would be willing to pay to attend a conference. This would improve the amount of knowledge that is retained from the conference.
Clinicians ordinarily do not have a lot of free time therefore having the time to read the vast number of medical journals that are published every day is unachievable. It had been determined that “greater than 1,800 citations are added to MEDLINE every day, making it impossible for a practicing clinician to stay up-to-date with the medical literature” (Hoyt, Bailey, & Yoshihashi, 2014, p. 324). I know that when a physician at our practice encounters an interesting case or diagnosis, they do extensive research on the symptoms/diagnosis and then discuss it during lunch.
At our office, we have pharmaceutical representatives that bring lunch in for the staff and typically spend about 15 minutes talking about the medication, any changes in dosing or insurance coverage and then it is conversations about his or her personal life. We usu...

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...ecome illegible which could result in a diagnosis error. When manually entering the medical information into a patient’s EHR, there could be “typographical entry errors” which may be a result of rushing to get information in, illegible chart notes, or the typist typed in the wrong word (Hoyt, Bailey, & Yoshihashi, 2014, p. 407).
Another limitation that exists is the ability to transfer data. “Inaccurate or insufficient data also inhibits health information exchange (HIE), and hinders clinical research, performance improvement, and quality measurement initiatives” (AHIMA, Assessing and Improving EHR Data Quality, 2013). Establishing standards and abiding by them such as with Meaningful Use (MU) will assist is ensuring that all medical facilities are providing accurate and sufficient data that may be used by the patient’s additional physicians and/or hospitals.

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