Dtc Marketing Case Study

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1) This case provides background on DTC marketing for prescription drugs and also suggests that the use of this type of marketing is somewhat controversial. What ethical issues can you identify that might be of concern to patients, healthcare professionals, and pharmaceutical companies with regard to DTC marketing? Be specific.

The type of marketing used by pharmaceutical companies is a pull marketing strategy. In the past, they had to rely on their channel members which are healthcare professionals to reach consumers. As the case has indicated they now communicate directly with their target market.
• This practice can be unethical toward the patients because the amount of money spent on promotion by pharmaceutical companies to advertise
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What are some of the positive and/or negative consequences of the use of DTC marketing by pharmaceutical companies? Who is impacted by these consequences?
The use of DTC marketing by pharmaceutical companies has both positive and negative consequences for the parties concerned in this issues.
Positive consequences:
• It is an advantage for patients because, before advertising by pharmaceutical companies, patients used to follow blindly what their doctors asked them to take as medication without really understanding it or knowing all the options available. Now, they are more informed about medications.
• It makes the public more involve in their decisions about their health because they have more information in their hands and can make a choice.
• It allows pharmaceutical companies to create awareness of their products among patients and healthcare professional, increase sales, create consumer loyalty and fight against the threat of generic products.
• It allows pharmaceutical companies to have a direct contact with consumers and communicate directly with their target market without intermediaries.
• It can also be an advantage for healthcare professionals because their patients are more inform and aware of the medications available on the
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• Patients put a pressure on doctors with regard to coupons, they ask doctors to prescribe the drugs they have a coupon for in order to save money.

2. In your opinion, should DTC by pharmaceutical companies be permitted in the United States? Why or why not?
In my opinion, DTC by pharmaceutical companies should not be permitted in the United States. The reason is that human life is sacred and people health is really important. Therefore, the field of healthcare should be highly regulated and taken very seriously. DTC Advertising has many advantages but can also be very damageable, people can misinterpret information, and pharmaceutical companies can have unethical behaviors to make more profit. So, healthcare specialist should be the intermediary between pharmaceutical companies and the public.
3. Are you aware of any professional code of conduct that might be relevant in this situation? If so, discuss how this code is
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