Media 's Influence On Women Essay

Media 's Influence On Women Essay

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Media’s Influence on Women
“The inferiority label imposed upon the female sex is frequently intended to be a totalistic notion encompassing almost every aspect of women’s being- physical, mental, and emotional.” (Brennan, William, Ph.D.) ( Throughout history, women have been victims of dehumanization. Dehumanization is defined as the act of depriving a person of qualities such as individuality, compassion, or civility. Realistically speaking, woman were not looked upon as individuals but as products within man made organizations. Men were known to be superior species that were defined by power, however, in many aspects this ideal has proven to be false. Though the power of men and women equate on various levels, society has a different perspective for women. Society has a greater effect on women through various types of mass media.
I. Media Influence
For the last two decades, society has depended on attaining information by accessing the internet, which has become their primary means of communication. Over the last 500 years, media has proven to be an exceedingly powerful influence using magazines, television shows, and more recently social media networks. Media influences many teens and women, negatively, asserting that they should look a certain way, causing them to think they are not naturally beautiful.
This is where “Girls are getting the message young that they need to be impossibly beautiful, sexy, hot, and extremely thin.” (Kilbourne, Jean). The obsession of being thin has become an occurrence in the media, in turn creating the mindset that being thin defines beauty. Women around the world have experimented many ways to keep their weight down to look a certain way to please an audience. “American culture ...

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... who view these shows that acting in that behavior is alright. However, that should not be the case, women should show some respect for themselves considering that viewers are their idol.
III. Conclusion
Media influence on dehumanizing women has gone beyond all measures. Everyday you see women as an object, but since this has become the new norm, society has lost the true value and respect of women. Mass media is a primary source of how women are viewed. Mass media provides us with information that women have to obtain a certain beauty, which influences younger adolescents to do the equivalent. In addition, mass media strips women of their dignity, by photoshopping them to obtain the substantial beauty they want to display. As you can see media has a great effect on women and their perception of themselves and how society portrays women different on a daily basis.

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