Essay about Media and The Clark Doll Test

Essay about Media and The Clark Doll Test

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One type of character saturates the American media. He acts as the hero in a majority of movies, TV shows, and books. Foreigners must think that Americans believe the character superior to others. He or she has one trait that sets him apart from the rest: white skin. The media tends to idolize this character. If a character is not white, then common stereotypes prey him or her; they become sidekick, comic relief, or even the token minority. One commonality stretches through this minority though: they all need a white male savoir.
Media acts a mirror towards the society and owns such a strong influence over it. Jim Morrison, an American singer, says that, “Whoever controls the media, controls the mind.” With the white hero dominating most of America, what message does this send out? Does the minority have to rely on a white person to act as a savoir? Can they simply not become the hero themselves? Based on the media today, society says no. This ideal has become rooted into the American culture; it has implanted itself generation after generation. The racism created from years of slavery still exists today. According to the media, only white people can attain success. Only they can be the heroes. Sadly, this leads to self-hate, a lower self-esteem, or a desire to change one’s self. American media has and will always favor white people. The lack of diversity amongst the media harms the minority’s confidence and can be remedied through the creation of more diverse characters in media.
Who exactly classifies as an “American”? To some, those whose family originates from the colonizers during the 1700s comes into mind. These consist of the British who did not agree with their King, the Irish who wanted to escape famine, and other Euro...

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The ignorance presented within media affects people of color negatively as well. The Clark Doll Test presented this in the 1950s. Their tests show that black children felt inferior to white children. In 2010, CNN conducted a study amongst New York and Georgian children similar to the Doll Test used in the case Brown vs Board of Education led by Professor Margaret Spenser. White children had “white bias”. According to the study, this meant that they identified “the color of their own skin with positive attributes and darker skin with negative attributes”. Black children had bias towards white people as well. Despite the infamous Clark Doll Test being over half a century old, it shows that the ideals have not changed. It led her to conclude that even in 2010, “We are still living in a society where dark things are devalued and white things are valued.”

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