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Mcdonald 's Fast Food Chains Essay

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Working in McDonald’s
McDonald’s training is far more effective than most other fast food chains. There are three elements of the training that are critical to McDonald’s worldwide: service, quality, and operations. Customer service training is a crucial part of McDonald’s training.
The consistently good tasting and high quality food that McDonald’s delivers on a global scale daily can be credited to the level of training McDonald’s employees receive.
The understanding of business structure, operations, hierarchy, and teamwork are all a significant and prevalent part for all employees in McDonald’s.
It doesn’t matter if you’re cleaning toilets, making burgers or fries; McDonald’s is all about structure - who does what, hierarchy - who leads what and teamwork. It’s all about employees working together as part of a team or else the process fails.
Many previous employees have said they enjoyed working for McDonald’s because when they left the organisation they felt they were prepared to work in teams elsewhere, work for a manager and that they understood that their role in executing a plan or a task is critical to the over-arching strategy of any organisation. Also employees have said they enjoyed working for McDonald’s because they felt like part of a team and that they knew exactly what was expected of them when they were placed in a particular work station, whether it was to take orders or to work in the kitchen.

Pricing Strategies
The reason any business goes into business selling a service to customers is to make a profit. There are many factors that determine whether a business will be profitable or non-profitable. These factors include things like location, market demand, competition, etc. The biggest decision a bus...

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...hat the customers involved in the service do not interfere with each other’s satisfaction.
Services are variable and difficult to control. This is because they greatly depend on who provides the service as well as when, where and how they are provided. McDonald’s make sure to use quality control in order to provide its customers with consistently good service. McDonald’s hires the right people, they have a standardised service and they monitor customer feedback. McDonald’s invests a lot of money in fully training all their employees so that they can provide a consistently good service. McDonald’s employee training helps its employees to develop the necessary skills required to do their job well.
McDonald’s recognises that the frontline staff are very important in order to provide the best service possible. After all these are the people the customers interact with.

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