Essay on Mathematics Is An Arduous Journey

Essay on Mathematics Is An Arduous Journey

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Mathematics is an arduous journey. It is cruel and exhausting. Mathematics, by its very nature, threw me hard problems that stressed me out. I would spend hours, days, even months solving one. For example, I spent two weeks teaching myself the computing program—Mathematica, because I was curious to see the accurate phase portraits after I learned the techniques that enabled me to sketch phase portraits in my Ordinary Differential Equation class. Nevertheless, sometimes I could not find any solution even though I had worked on it for a long time. I struggled to prove Wright’s Theory, which is widely applied in Graph Theory, but I still could not figure it out without the help of my professor. However, Mathematics is also pleasant and exhilarating. Nothing offers me more joy than solving a difficult mathematical problem. When I work on problems in Mathematics, I am immersed in the problems. Mathematics grants me the serenity to escape daily hassles and gives me the will to follow my curiosity and look for the answer. The serenity and will are magical electricity energizing me to forge ahead relentlessly and strive for greatness at any cost.
I was determined to develop my skills further in Applied Mathematics after taking a Numerical Analysis class. I was intensely exposed to mathematical computing techniques for the first time. I instantaneously became enchanted with methods in data interpolation and error elimination. Computational Mathematics, a branch of Applied Mathematics, has so many mathematical properties that I love. For me, the computing process is building my own empire in the air: I manipulate data by devising appropriate strategies. I am the emperor who formulates the rules to derive desirable results.
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...y Dr. Zhilin Zhu. I am sure that the stimulating academic environment and interactions with excellent faculty at NCSU will well prepare me for my future career. In the near future, I would like to devote myself to the pursuit of a career in research and teaching. For me, it would be immensely satisfying to contribute something to the understanding of my beloved Mathematics. It would also be satisfying if I could share the knowledge through teaching. My teaching experiences as a tutor for several Calculus classes have evoked favorable responses and have been enjoyable to me. With the long-term goal in mind, my immediate objective is to work towards a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics. It would be a great fortune if I could pursue a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics at NCSU and at the same time, I would be able to make positive contributions to the ongoing research work at NCSU.

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