Essay on Materials Make Better Lives

Essay on Materials Make Better Lives

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Materials are used to manufacture useful objects. History proves that the material is the basis and the pilot of social progress and is a milestone in human progress. In the ancient time, the using of different materials determined the development of civilization, such as the Stone Age and the Bronze Age. In modern society, the development of iron and steel materials played the decisive role during the Industrial Revolution period. The development of semiconductor materials brought humanity into the Digital Age. Nowadays, people put materials, information, and energy as the three pillars of modern civilization. People pay more attentions on the study of material science and engineering because it can affect humans’ daily lives a lot. This major study in the discovery of new materials, the use of materials, the failure analysis, and the new materials technology have become high-tech technology that has significantly improved and changed people's lives. Also, people who study in this field will get higher quality lives.
Development of bio-medical materials for human life provides a lot of help. Humans now face the challenge that they spend more money and time but get less useful drugs. The one of the main causing for this situation was the current tools could not provide the most accurate information about the drugs. There is a new study about new biomedical materials, organs on chip, which use different material to imitate the environment of human body to make several different medical tests. These tests can help medicine discover new useful drugs because unlike petri dishes or animal experiments having lots of limitations, the chips work as human cells, it will give the closed result as human response for the drug tests. The prese...

... middle of paper ... shows that material scientist’s and material Engineer’s salaries can be ranked in top ten in all engineering profession. Thus, material science and engineering could be a good option for people who want to improve their life quality by high salary.

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