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This paper goes over genetic engineering and how it is used today in the medical field as two types on humans, disabled genetic engineering and trait genetic engineering. This two types of genetic engineering are still debatable since they have to surpass many obstacles and laws. The sources gave statements from professionals and experts on genetic engineering, biomedical science, biomedical engineering, and human anatomy and physiology. The individuals gave their inputs on how they view genetic engineering on human beings.
Genetic Engineering:
Engineering Humans
With today’s technology, we are capable of doing countless features such as coming up with new medical innovations to treat diseases and other medical related issues. Since we now
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2). As a result, this scientific experiment changed the relationship of humankind and nature by foreseeing the modification of DNA of bacteria, yeast, plants, and animals to discover new medicines and to provide solutions for inherited diseases (Le Vine, 1999, p. 2).
How Genetic Engineering is used today.
Genetic engineering has revolutionized over the years and it is being used to improve food, to discover new medicines, to remove environmental contaminants, to recycle waste, and to provide permanent cures for inherited diseases (Le Vine, 1999). The purpose of genetic engineering in the medical field has been to produce mass-produce insulin, human growth hormones, human albumin, monoclonal antibodies, vaccines, and many other drugs (Applications of Genetic Engineering,
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While Hammond views this type of genetic engineering as a duty, Davis (2008) argues that using genetic engineering on children is unconditional love by saying, “just as we should love existing children unconditionally, so we should unconditionally accept whatever child we get in the natural course of things”(p. 259). In addition, it could possibly put those disabled at a greater disadvantage than what they already are. People will focus on trying to prevent disabilities that they will eventually forget about the large portion of society constituted of disabled people. It will greatly affect the community of disabled people because it will demonstrate that society as a whole discriminates the disabled

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