Essay on Mary Wollstonecraft 's Argument Over The Treatment Of Women

Essay on Mary Wollstonecraft 's Argument Over The Treatment Of Women

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In the earlier years women’s main job was to take care of her children, husband, and home. With little independent freedom, women rarely received the choice to explore a career that would take them away from the household. Now we live in a society where women have the option to become almost anything they desire, and are not confined or limited to household and childcare duties. Still inequalities remain, some still relevant to Mary Wollstonecraft’s’ argument made in 1792. Although, the United States has come a long way since Wollstonecraft’s argument, equal pay between the genders does not truly exist due to unequal opportunities and lingering stereotypes.
Granted Mary Wollstonecraft wrote her argument over the treatment of women hundreds of years ago, some of her main points remain prevalent in today’s society. Considering the era Wollstonecraft lived in where women had little to no say in almost anything, her book speaking about women’s right occurred in all aspects before it’s time. Wollstonecraft believed that women had the same potential as men to become doctors and other high career positions, if they could just receive the same education men were allowed. Wollstonecraft also expresses how if women could become more independent, it would not only benefit themselves but also the community in general. Denying women the option of pursuing a career has the possibility of negatively affecting the community, due to the fact that refusing them a chance to prove themselves; the community essentially miss out on their possible achievements. Certain beliefs Wollstonecraft held do not remain as vital in today’s society, such as the main reason for a womens’ existence is children. Wollstonecraft expresses this view in her book Of t...

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...essaramiri and Kleiner says that, “ as a way of exposing discrimination, the Industrial Society encourages employees to share their personal salary details with each other”(8). This solution most likely will not happen since in today’s society many find it rude to discuss one anothers’ bank accounts.
In conclusion, Mary Wollstonecraft argument shows some of the similarities between some of the struggles then and now. With unequal pay between men and women still prevalent in society, it can be hard to see the progress we have made. By applying some of the suggested solutions, or coming together to figure out the best possible solution the pay gap between genders may finally close. Although, the United States has come a long way since Wollstonecraft’s argument, equal pay between the genders does not truly exist due to unequal opportunities and lingering stereotypes.

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