Marxism And Functionalism : The Social Order Essay

Marxism And Functionalism : The Social Order Essay

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20th century is a significant era for not only the changes in individual values, but also for the dynamics of the many societies around the world (Fuller 2013). 20th century changed how human kind perceived themselves and the world they are living in (ibid). Marxism and Functionalism were two ideologies that became a part of our society around 19th century but also captured the changes in 20th century, in their own unique perspectives and helped us understand the society through their point of view (Maidansky, 2012: 45). They both have different ideas of the dynamics of society and how the society was organized which is also called “the social order”. Social order is one of the key points for the well-being of a healthy society. According to functionalism, “the social order” is a combination of collective conscious and value consensus (Mann 2011, 24). However, Marxism, takes a different perspective on it and argues that false-conscious and the relations of production are the main mechanisms of social order (Giddens, Sutton 2013: 103). Also, those 2 ideologies, they both talk about collective conscious, social stratification and socialization, but they have their own point of view about their impact on the society. In this essay, I will talk about the distinct views of two ideologies as well as couple of common point. In the first point, I will briefly introduce Marxism and Functionalism in general to get a better idea for the rest of the essay while explaining their perspective on society as both being macro-theories. In the second point, I will talk about what they think about social stratification and its necessity with both Marxist and Functionalist perspectives. In the third point and the last paragraph before conclusion, anot...

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...e in that society tend to have similar jobs and it’s a simple type of society compared to societies with organic solidarity (ibid). Societies with organic solidarity tend to have more individualist values and more complex systems because the tasks that they are assigned to are more specialized (Mann 2011:27). So in the societies with mechanical solidarity, people tend to have a stronger conscious collective and value consensus compared to societies with organic solidarity (ibid). A good example for understand the organic solidarity is “Fordist Production System” (Williams, Haslam, Williams 1992: 520). It is a system where each individual or group has a specific, single job or task to accomplish (ibid). There is less common values to share with the rest of the system (Mann 2011:27). As a result, one can observe weaker collective conscious and value consensus (ibid).

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