Totalitarianism In George Orwell's Animal Farm

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In 1945 George Orwell published his allegorical novel, Animal Farm. Although this satire primarily addressed the Bolshevik revolution in 1917, Orwell’s larger critique was at the root of totalitarianism. Through the destruction of the Soviet myth, Orwell hoped to revive socialist movements and expose the dangers of propaganda in a enlighten society. Many present ideas are expressed about culture and place that depict the time period of the represented in Animal Farm. Cultural ideas such as tyranny replacing tyranny, totalitarianism, class warfare and language as power are portrayed throughout the novel. George Orwell’s Animal Farm endorses ideas held by society about the Russian Revolution. He wrote this novella to bout against the idea of totalitarianism or total government control of the low, working classes that were controlled in the Russian Revolution.

Orwell digs deep into the idea that as a tyrant is overthrown a new tyrant will take his place, such as Tsar Nicolas was taken over by Joseph
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Totalitarianism is when the government seeks to have control over all facets of human life such as what is seen in North Korea in present times. Orwell is against the idea of totalitarianism as it oppresses the lower classes and is oppressing the individuals for the needs of the state. This totalitarianism is what builds the Soviet Union scheme by lessening the working class and maximizing the “mind workers” power. The “mind workers” are the pig and they represent to core of the Soviet Union and more educated of the animal farm. Orwell first created the idea to criticize all acts of totalitarianism, as he believes in freedom for the working class. Since the working class did not have the power to step up against the revolution this idea worked as a governmental approach for many years and is still adopted in many parts of the world to control the public opinion and keep them
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