Martin Luther the Protestant Reformer Essay

Martin Luther the Protestant Reformer Essay

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Perhaps the greatest religious leader the world has ever seen, Martin Luther is seen as the spark to the Protestant Reformation. Some viewed him as a heretic while others saw him as an advocate for religious freedom and truth. In the present, most Christians would credit Luther as the most influential person to help shape the state of Protestant Christian religion. The Lutheran church branch is named after him.
Martin Luther, the greatest protestant reformer, was born on November 10, 1483 at Eisleben. His father was the owner of a copper mine in the outskirts of Mansfeld. His mother was a woman of great virtue and had high self esteem. Almost immediately after Luther’s birth, the family moved back to Mansfeld where there fortunes improved greatly due to the mining industry in the area and the perseverance of the parents. Coming from a peasant background, Luther’s father was determined to put his son into the high echelons of the social ladder. Furthermore, by putting him into the civil service it would bring great honor to the family. So his father, Hans, sent him to numerous scho...

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