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Kittelson, James M. Luther the Reformer: The Story of the Man and His Career. Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2003.

James Kittelson’s biography on the life of Luther is thought provoking and informative. Kittelson does not have a concise thesis, but as it is a biography the central theme of Luther the Reformer is an insightful narrative of Martin Luther’s life from his birth in Eisleben until his death on February 18, 1546 in Eisleben. Kittelson thoroughly and with great detail and sources explains Luther’s mission to reform the catholic church. Luther the Reformer seeks to condense Luther’s life in a manner which is more easily read for those who do not know the reformer’s story well. Luther is portrayed not only as a theologian throughout the book, but as a person with struggles and connections throughout the Germanic region in which he lived. Luther’s theology is portrayed throughout the entirety of the book, and Kittelson approaches Luther’s theology by explaining Luther’s past. The inclusion of …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how james kittelson's biography on the life of martin luther is thought provoking and informative.
  • Analyzes how kittelson's use of primary and secondary sources validates his personification of luther throughout his book.
  • Analyzes how kittelson frequently uses quotations from luther and other influential men and women in his life to enhance his writing.
  • Analyzes how kittelson organized luther the reformer chronologically covering luther’s life from his birth until his death.
  • Analyzes how kittelson focuses luther the reformer around martin luther's theological development throughout his life.
  • Analyzes how kittelson's bias is prominent in his section entitled "teaching the truth".
  • Opines that kittelson's main objective was to create a biography which encompasses martin luther’s entire lifespan without suffering to past inadequate interpretations.
  • Concludes that luther the reformer is an extensive book which is simultaneously informative and engaging. kittelson effectively composed the book and created it to be an interesting look into the life of martin luther.

Kittelson effectively composed the book and created the biography to be an interesting look into the life of Martin Luther. His successful usage of primary source documents and information compounded with his personal literary explanation of Luther’s journey toward reformation and peace with God. Kittelson’s book is not without humor either, he includes direct quotes and dialogue between Luther and Zwingli debating the Lord’s Supper. The insults and demonstrative behavior show Luther as he was, a reformer, who wished to convince others of the power of the gospel. This engaging study is both informative and engaging. Luther the Reformer is a good biography for anyone interested in Martin Luther’s life and interested in learning more about why his journey impacted not only the Roman church then, but the entirety of the Christian Church to this

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