Martin Luther The Great Reformer

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Martin Luther The Great Reformer Martin Luther The Great Reformer is a story told by others who knew this great man named Martin Luther. Some of these people followed him while others wanted to persecute him because he dared to challenge the church and its practices. This book is an account of Martin Luther's life and how he came to the realization that the Roman Catholic Church had some reforming to do. This book also speaks of all the trails and misunderstandings that Martin Luther had throughout his life as a monk and the rebellion against the Roman Church. The author explains Martin's life as a child who spent most of his childhood in Germany. His family was not wealthy but they were a devoted and religious people. They taught Martin about the most important thing on Earth and that is to know God and to do His will. That is exactly what Martin Luther did later on in his life. When Martin grew older, he became a monk in the Catholic Church and earned his way up in rank through devotion, prayer, and hard work. Martin soon became a priest within the Catholic Church. Martin was a firm believer in God's word and soon began teaching others in the classroom. As Martin continued to read and study his Bible, he started questioning some of his Church's beliefs and practices. As he continued to read the Bible he started to see certain discrepancies between God's written Word and the Catholic Church's practices. He started to see the truth that was written in God's Word. Martin began telling friends about these discrepancies in beliefs, but his friends told him to leave it alone and drop it. Martin, however, would not leave it alone and made it his lifes' goal to change this misunderstanding of God's Word. He wanted to show the Catholic Church where they were wrong in their teaching of God's word. This did not make many members of the church very happy. No one, especially a priest, wants to be told that they've been worshiping wrong. They truly believed that their practices were exactly the way the Bible and God said they should be. In fact, they wanted Martin to shut up and forget this foolery of his.
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