Marriage, Divorce, And The United States Essay

Marriage, Divorce, And The United States Essay

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Marriage and Divorce In the United States
Why do you waste your time spending money for marriages when you know they end up in divorces? Spending thousands of dollars arranging for marriage is worthless if individuals do not establish a long-term relationship. Statistics portray that the divorce rate in the United States is four times higher than a century ago. In addition, couples that marry for the first time have a 50% chance of divorce according to the American Psychological Association. Marriages in the United States are becoming less popular due to high divorce rates, and people are becoming accustomed to the idea of short-term relationships.
Divorce is causing several problems in today’s society. Divorce leads to problems such as a couple’s child not receiving the proper guidance in education, and the tendency for society to view marriage as short-term. In recent years, marriages either end up being successful, or leads to divorce. In order to prevent divorce rates from increasing in the future, strong education is required in order to establish a stable relationship. High school and college education proves to establish strong commitment levels between two partners, which help reduce the amount of divorces in the United States. The lack of education is causing couples to establish short-term relationships rather than committing to long-term, which leave children of divorce parents feeling the most amount of pressure.
The topic of marriage and divorce is important for society to consider. Establishing a long-term relationship is beneficial for developing a stable family. According to Berlin Gordon, children of a two-parent household tend to do better in several categories such as education and social activity. Long-term r...

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