Marketing Plan For The Luxury Travel Industry Essay

Marketing Plan For The Luxury Travel Industry Essay

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The luxury travel industry is booming, as tourists continue to look for exciting and unique ways to experience their travelling needs. Our exclusive, personalized and pre-packaged luxury tours will showcase top quality services and the true beauty of British Columbia. Although there are many tour companies within Vancouver, our unique selling points include; experiences exceeding expectation, customer satisfaction, and a team that come straight from the tourism and hospitality industry. Our goal is to ensure our target market become loyal customers, as we market high profile and higher-income clients. Word of mouth advertising will be a highly beneficial way for us to increase revenues, and ensure all our clients’ services are of consistency.

Work Statement
Our all-inclusive luxury tours will be offered throughout the entire year. Our tours are personalized based on our clients needs and wants, which means trips will vary from two nights to two weeks. The way we intend to join the market is slightly risky however, we are confident in taking the risk because of the relationships I have developed with potential clients. I grew up in Dubai, an Emirate in the United Arab Emirates and had the privilege and opportunity to work for the Royal Family of Abu Dhabi. While working for the family, I established a strong relationship with many Royals and promoted Canada as a remarkable destination to travel too. I am highly confident the Royal family will use our company to travel to Canada and trust all their expectations will be met. We want clients who do not have a budget, and I believe the Royal Family will help us make a step forward within our market. We expect tours to start and finish within Vancouver. In additi...

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... $80,000 of cost = $20,000 Revenues Monthly

Accountability Plan
If our visions become a success, we plan to enter the stock market and only continue to grow. I believe we need help from potential stakeholders who also believe in our product and are willing to invest. I am confident our connections will help us launch our company in the right path.

Through financial summaries, West Vacations Ltd. sees the potential and growth for themselves within the tourism industry. A vision has been implemented for the company to be the best luxury tour travel company in Canada, and a mission to grow progressively and gain as many loyal customers as possible. There is an opportunity here for investors to work alongside West Vacations Ltd. and contribute to the success this company will produce. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions on this venture.

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