Marketing Mix Plan For A Market Into Sub Groups Of People With Common Needs

Marketing Mix Plan For A Market Into Sub Groups Of People With Common Needs

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4. Market segmentation is splitting a market into sub groups of people with common needs or preferences who are likely to react or purchase in the same way. Whilst you could argue that every customer is different, in fact you can usually put customers into groups which have something in common - for example age, social class, spending power, sex or buying attitudes (CIM). The product which will be discussed in the marketing mix plan is Hudl2 8.3" 16GB Wi-Fi Tablet - Slate Black. The two different segments are teenagers and households. ( Tesco’s market research shows that the Hudl Tablet is more used by teenagers and household families as we can see in the following link that customers have bought this item for parents or children. ( Geographic segmentation define customers according to their location. This can often be a useful starting point Brassington, F & Pettit, S (1997). For example teenagers tend to follow a trend on what the latest technology is. Tesco will sell their Hudl Tablet around the UK and other countries where they sell. Households are following a trend in this day and age where in every house we see the latest technology, parents will be influenced by teenagers to make a purchase like the Hudl Tablet Brassington, F & Pettit, S (1997). In manufacturing, geographic segmentation may also be useful for organisation operating with very limited resources Brassington, F & Pettit, S (1997). Demographic segmentation tells you more about the customer and the customer’s household on measurable criteria that are largely descriptive, such as age, sex, race, income and occupation Br...

... middle of paper ... competitors strengths and weaknesses, also where the best opportunities exist and the present and future threats to the business in the market segments, Malcolm McDonald (2007). The strengths of the whole business are it can create value for customers, powerful brand, offers different kind of services and online shopping. Weaknesses are a lot of competitors to compete with, less experience in some markets they try to enter for example their own branded phones and some stores are not big enough for local communities. Opportunities are it’s a large business and can expand more internationally and expanding to digital markets for example own branded TV’s and DVD players. Threats are Tesco is a target for competition, Asda, Morrison’s and Sainsbury’s have resources to cause Tesco problems and an increase price in raw materials will impact profit margins, Tesco (2014).

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