Marketing and Sales Ownership Essay

Marketing and Sales Ownership Essay

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Chart: Marketing and Sales Ownership

In the chart above, you will see on the y axis that the marketing team has primary responsibility and ownership of the first two buyer steps located on the x axis. But you will also notice the word scale in the chart on the left. Marketing can cast a wider net than sales, albeit, it’s not as precisely relevant as it is on the right. The messages are more generalized because the provider is helping the buyer do their research and knows little about the specific needs of the buyer. On the far right, you will see more relevance. This is because the sales person, account manager, specialist and customer service personnel know much more about the buyer than when the buyer was a “researcher” of possible solutions. As the buyer moves to steps three and four, all communication should be extremely relevant based on the provider’s constant gathering of buyer knowledge and business planning.

Now that we have discussed how sales and marketing should share revenue accountability, we are now going to step through each of the four steps of our buying process; Research, Tryoritize, Buy and Optimize. It may be difficult for marketing teams to change their mindset and see its value in a different way going forward.

Marketing will help the buyer by assisting them to get informed about their decisions through research, prioritizing and trying the offering. In addition, marketing turns the relationship management over to sales after a buyer is Ready-to-Buy. Marketing helps deliver the content that helps the buyer choose. Finally, marketing must dovetail with sales to assist the buyer in optimizing the decision they have made to choose that provider for the long-term. This enables the provider...

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...alify the lead. That’s already been done. It’s the process of taking the prospect from being a well-qualified lead that has properly prioritized this purchase and turn them into the provider’s buyer.

Optimize - Having already made a transaction with the provider, the buyer is trying to optimize their decision and gain additional value. To help the buyer, the provider’s account manager should formulate a plan that positions the provider as a trusted partner.

Scale - At the far left end of the continuum, the provider is trying to open the access net as wide as possible to address researching buyers in their markets.

Relevancy - At the far right of the continuum, the provider is trying to drill down into the specific needs of the buyer to deliver value that is unique to that buyer. The efforts are to increase the trust between the provider and buyer.

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