Essay about Marketing Analysis : Cutting Edge Marketing

Essay about Marketing Analysis : Cutting Edge Marketing

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Cutting Edge Marketing
Do you need a taxi? Are you in need of transportation? How do you plan on getting this taxi? That is the question one innovative company is striving to solve with it’s product called Uber, and the way they’re letting the world know about what they can do for them is cutting edge to say the least. Uber is a company that’s just over 5 years old, but was quick to change the transportation industry. The Taxi industry that thrived on customers in need of immediate transportation during all times of the day, exploiting their need to arrive at their destination, has been forever changed with Uber, the marketing genius with a great product.
The software company Uber has forever changed the scene of waiting outside in the rain for a taxi that is so commonly seen in movies. There are three parts to this company’s marketing strategy that are all very important, and in the core of that is the customer satisfaction, which is the first part. Uber has cracked the customer satisfaction equation with its product, and made it so convenient and enjoyable to get a taxi, something that would have never been said before, that people are walking marketers for the company. Uber has managed to make something so great that customers cannot keep themselves from sharing about the service on their social mediums like Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. The company’s product allows for you to then take your social sharing and get some free rides for it, so now not only are you personally motivated to get those free rides, but you’re also gaining social currency by being the person that told their friends about an awesome application that makes their life easier and cheaper. No one loses in this situation that Uber has made for getting ...

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...lication and use the one free, or cheap, ride they receive, and because they are too lazy to uninstall the application from their phone, the app stays on in the background and know where the person is located at all times, and finally when they are at the bars out drinking, the company’s logo appears on their phone and reminds you of the great experience they had before with the company and so you go ahead and use them again becoming a repeat customer.
That is Uber’s marketing stragety that’s allowed them to grow so rapidly. They have mixed classic marketing methods like word of mouth, with cutting edge technology and user experience to create a growth machine that’s only limited by it’s market spaces and regulations being placed on it. Needless to say, Uber is on a course that will take them to the top of their industry and their marketing is to thank for that.

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