Market A New Product By Developing A Strategic Business Plan Essay

Market A New Product By Developing A Strategic Business Plan Essay

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A) I would market a new product by developing a strategic business plan, “which is a carbon copy of the standard operational procedure that illustrates the functions of the business aspects that renders services to the community (Entrepreneur Media Inc., 2016). The more details within a business plan, the better customer services delivered to the consumer. Therefore, meaning the customer interaction and interruptions of the new product, you’re attempting to sell/market. Also, these strategies should be implemented than the higher the chances are for marketing the new product to the business sector.
B) The business plan displays the product quality and the customer 's expectations factor in a marketing strategy in numerous ways. For example, the customers are essential to the organization due to the client’s being the ones who are purchasing the product or analyzing the way the product is perceived/rendered to the community. Their impression of the product is vital to the company’s growth or development. Reputations often established in regards to the customer’s satisfaction of a particular individual, product, and services offered as a public service. Customers also are capable of using the concept using word of mouth, which involves their families and friends. Some of these individual’s may or may not have the direct insight of ways to interact with the business, but once the reputation put into the universe, it 's hard to alter/change. Some expectations of quality consist of strategies such as advertising the product. Inadequately advertisement of a product can make or break the deal of whether the product is moveable or marketable for sale within the industry or not.
C) Some examples of a product I use are clothing...

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... in the course syllabus she would share her personal experience such as writing grants with the students. I found this to be rather intriguing because it illustrates that even once this journey is complete, we as humans never stop reaching and setting goals, which incorporated into the Business in a changing world. The changes are where the various goals stimulated from and she definite encouraged my mind always to think outside the box because business includes all stakeholder. Therefore it, not your perception/big idea. These stimulating factors included additional links and resources we could use in class and outside of class. I learned exciting tips and strategies to implement in our local store as well, for example, roles of ethics and social duties, effective ways to make decisions, and organizational structure that includes the different cultural dynamics.

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