Essay on Manipulation, The Skillful Art Of Controlling Someone Or Something

Essay on Manipulation, The Skillful Art Of Controlling Someone Or Something

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Julius Caesar
What is Manipulation? The dictionary defines manipulation as ‘The skillful art of controlling someone or something.’ Have you ever felt that way before? Manipulation is something that we have all faced at one time or another, and it is very hard to avoid. Manipulation takes many forms, whether it’s your friend convincing you to walk their dog, a doctor surgically manipulating your bones. Being manipulated is something that is almost inevitable because it is human nature to want to have things your way. In this essay we are going to read about how Manipulation can start off as innocent and take a turn for the worst.
The book I just finished reading, was all about manipulation. It was about one man’s rise to power, and how acting on thoughts, manipulating others can lead to harm. While reading Shake Sphere’s Tragedy of Julius Caesar I found that the most common theme is manipulation. The manipulation is the Tragedy of Julius Caesar was not the kind that doctors do, but it was manipulating with words and acts of trickery. There was so much manipulation in the play that, without manipulation the play would not have ended the way it did.
The first account of manipulation in the play occurs in Act One. In act one Cassius talks about how everybody loves Brutus. Cassius most likely only says this to get on Brutus’s good side. This is manipulating because he is only saying it so he can have his way and get Brutus to join the conspiracy. Cassius is so incredibly determined to have Brutus join the conspiracy he plans to send Brutus forged letters to make Brutus believe that the commoners also believe that Caesar is a threat to Rome and everybody in it.
The letters that were forged by Cassius are what ultimately make Brutu...

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...dy of Julius Caesar shows how you may think you are doing the right thing at first but it’s not until it has spiraled out of control, then you realize you did the wrong thing. Why was manipulation so important in the Tragedy of Julius Caesar? Manipulation was important in the play because it was evident in England’s political sense and that is why Shake Sphere decided that he should use manipulation.
Manipulation is a cruel thing to do after you think about the consequences. The consequences in in the Tragedy of Julius Caesar went as far as death. Even though modern day manipulation may not go as far as assassination it can seriously damage your friendships, hurt others, hurt your reputation, or even hurt those that you love. In conclusion, I think we should take William Caesars play as a warning. Manipulation can start off as innocent and take a turn for the worst.

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