Essay On Persuasion In Julius Caesar

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Persuasion in Julius Caesar was an indispensable factor in the play. From Decius’s sly flattery to Antony’s significantly impressive speech to the commoners, many different ways of persuasion were used in Julius Caesar. Its power was demonstrated through eloquence between Brutus and Antony to the commoners at Caesar’s funeral. As a result of their speech, Antony succeeds to appeal to their emotional feelings, he swayed them to think conspiracy can’t be justified and makes them go against the conspirators. Cassius and Brutus failed to justify their conspiracy which gave Antony a precious chance to gain the crowd’s trust. Now I’m going to analyze how persuasion by different characters in the story Julius Caesar turned the tables around.
As a leader of the conspiracy to assassinate the great Caesar, Cassius tried to make Brutus join the conspiracy for the sake of many positive aspect follows with him. And that are, Brutus is popular with the commoners and furthermore Brutus’s father was highly respected as much as senators. His personality was cool-headed, which will make conspiracy more harden. At the beginning of the conversation between Cassius and Brutus, Brutus reveals that he is at war with himself regarding Caesar. Revealing his condition enhanced Cassius’s flattering on Brutus saying he is as good as Caesar and that he’s a most honorable man.
Moreover, to enhance his mind to join the conspiracy, he said that Caesar is just an ordinary man by giving specific instances that showed Caesar is as ordinary as others e.g. Caesar cried out to help him when he was about to drowned if Cassius and that Caesar was an epileptic. Showing their weakness is fatal especially if the person is a leader because if the leader shows the weak si...

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...ransoms did the general coffers fill” Act3 Scene2 line#87, “When that the poor have cried, Caesar hath wept” Act3 Scene2 line#90 and “I thrice presented him a kingly crown. Which he did thrice refuse. Was this ambition?” Act3 Scene2 line#96 All these refutations indicate Caesar wasn’t ambitious but rather, he was full of compassion and sympathy. He didn’t use any sly skill but well-chosen facts and this turned the tables.
Nobody would think that a single speech or persuasion would be able to turn the tables and none of us thought that the power of persuasion could be that powerful. However, these two speeches in the play verified the influence of persuasion using numerous persuasion techniques simple flattery to well-chosen fact. In the story, persuasion was the main factor from the start of the conspiracy to the end of it and the result of persuasion was powerful.
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