Managing Operations and Improvement of Productive Systems Essay

Managing Operations and Improvement of Productive Systems Essay

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(Russell & Taylor, 2011) define operations management (OM) as the design, operation and improvement of productive systems. In other words, OM is concerned with certain processes that aim to monitor and manage tasks to achieve a desired outcome. OM is crucial to the success of companies as it aims to increase productivity and quality. By increasing productivity, the profit margin of a company will increase; and increased quality leads to customer satisfaction and in turn, increased market share. This report will aim to analyse what actually happened in carrying out the operational changes in the Little Chef case study. This will be done by using ‘Quality Management’ and ‘Information Technology’ frameworks of OM to identify possible gaps to explain why these gaps occurred and what should have been done as an alternative to evade them based on the recommendations provided.
Customer Benefit Package
Collier and Evans (2007) define a Customer Benefit Package (CBP) as a clear set of tangible (goods-related) and intangible (service-related) features which the customer acknowledges and is willing to pay for, uses or experiences. In other words, a CBP is essentially an outline of what a company offers (goods or services) to its customers; this outline is designed to meet or exceed the expectations of a customer. The British roadside restaurant Little Chef, offers fast food as the ‘goods’ and hospitality as the ‘service’ component. Unfortunately the management team at Little Chef and Heston Blumenthal made some decisions that they thought met the needs and wants of their customers. Rather their decisions created gaps between what Little Chef offered and what the customers expected. As a result the CBP Little Chef offered did no...

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..., Cornell
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