The Importance Of Operations Management

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Operations Management is the term we use for the management of the resources necessary to produce and deliver the products and services required by customers. These resources include labor, materials and also capital equipment. Operations management include inventory management, quality control, production scheduling, and follow-up services. For example in clothing factories they transform raw materials, fabric, thread, and other resources into pants, shirts, skirts, and dresses in order for people to have clothing (Bethel University, 2011). This is called the process of fabrication and assembly. Operations management is about the way an organization produce goods and services. Everything has been produced in some sort of way. An operation…show more content…
I feel as though customer service is the main objective and the most important with any company because at the end of the day regardless of all the strategies, marketing and the operations management if the customer is not happy with the product or the service then the purpose of the entire company will fall. So the operations manager has to make sure that all the customers’ needs and demands are met as well as the company making sure that it uses all of their resources effectively. If the resources are not used carefully then the company takes a chance that the production cost increasing and in the future the overall profit margin will reduce and the company’s overall objective has failed. So both the objectives must be met in a balancing way so that the company benefits out of it in order to be successful and not fail in the long

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