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Essay Managerial Prerogative

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Managers have a degree of choice in how they deal with their employees. (Purcell, 1987) Some may see them as a commodity while others may see them as an important and valuable resource needing to be developed. (Purcell, 1987) Managerial prerogative is defined by Bray, Waring and Cooper (2011: pg 332) as “those areas of decision-making within an organization over which managers claim to have an unfettered right to decide as they see fit.” It is important to define managerial prerogative so that we can establish whether the legislation has increased or diminished it. Defining managerial prerogative is also important as we look at the different managerial styles and strategies and observe if they play any role in increasing or minimizing managerial prerogative. Managers will always have some degree of control over their employees because most of the day to day tasks in the workplace such as rules and procedures of the workplace, tasks, and which employee performs which tasks are decisions made by the manager without consultation with employees and unions. (Bray, Waring and Cooper, 2011) The laws and regulations surrounding managerial prerogative have only seemed to rule in favour of employers being the sole decision makers in an organisation and decrease the amount of bargaining power unions and employees have towards pay and conditions. (Bray and Waring, 2006)
The laws and regulations surrounding Industrial Relations since the 1900’s have, at each reform, placed tighter constraints on the amount of power unions are able to exert. The reforms have also radically increased managerial prerogative, through an increased use of individual bargaining, contracts and restrictions imposed on unions (Bray and Waring, 2006). Bray and W...

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...managerial control to be most effective it needs to be adjustable and interchangeable
Felstead, Jewson and Walters (2003) conclude that managerial control is directly related to the visibility and presence of employees in the office because it enables managers to ascertain that employees are actually working and enables managers more discretion on how the job is completed and an ease in monitoring the productivity levels of employees. When these control strategies are linked back to managerial prerogative it is easy to see that managers’ discretion is increased because the decisions relating to tasks in the workplace are decided on without consultation with employees or unions. This is because the employment contracts do not establish the details relating to the completion of tasks in the organisation. (Bray, Waring and Cooper, 2011)

In conclusion,

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