Essay Management Functions As An Directing

Essay Management Functions As An Directing

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Management functions as an arbitrator directing the actions of others in order to accomplish specific goals. In the contemporary workplace, the role a manager serves has been transformed by the progress of society. Today’s employees expect managers to be leaders. Leader and manager are words that are often interchanged, however, to be a leader is much more than a custodian of task. Leaders must use skill and knowledge to leverage output in a way that is rewarding and fulfilling for their employees and to foster collaborative behaviors. The expectations of an employee can greatly influence the success or failure of the manager. As a leader, setting expectations to ensure that employees are empowered to perform duties correctly and efficiently is paramount. It is necessary to address reciprocally expectations of experience, behaviors, interpersonal relationships and communication to be a successful leader.
When a new manager is introduced into a workplace, employees will expect that they have the knowledge and skill required to perform the role. Furthermore, the manager will undoubtedly expect each of their employees to possess the same attributes. People can view a manager’s experience, knowledge and title as threatening in one environment or could embrace the same in another. As a leader, it is important to show willingness to earn your position with the team and display competency in all areas that you manage. You must prove yourself, lest issues of resentment may arise. Employees see value in leadership that can perform the functions that they ask of others. They are more likely to accept criticism and feedback in a constructive manner if they feel that management truly understands what each employee’s role entails....

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... organization and to the morale of the workforce.
Managing people and overseeing the operation of a business can be a difficult task. Leaders facilitate the operation of an organization as well as the operation of its parts. Nearly every aspect of a supervisor’s duties are impacted directly by the expectations of every member of the team. Expectations of the manager, the organization they work for and the employees they supervise must all be accounted for in order to be effective. Being able to manage expectations efficiently, fairly and consistently can be a leaders greatest attribute. One must consider each person as an individual and build relationships that empower employees to achieve their potential. An effective leader should focus on how they communicate, form relationships, and behave to maintain a genuine collaborative environment.

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