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  • Investigating How to Get the Maximum Volume From a Cuboid

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    Investigating How to Get the Maximum Volume From a Cuboid Introduction I am doing an investigation into how get the maximum volume from a cuboid using a square with smaller squares cut out from each corner to then fold it up into a cuboid. Cut out the red squares and fold inwards on the blue lines to get a cuboid. To get the maximum volume from the cuboid you need to work out the sizes of the squares you want to cut out from each corner. The formula I used to work out the volume

  • Maximum Ride Angel Experiment Chapter Summary

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    Max shouted,“Run, Run Run!” The book Maximum Ride Angel Experiment is written by James Patterson. Maximum Ride Angel Experiment is about a group of six kids who call themselves the flock and the oldest is Max who is fouteen and then its Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gasman, and Angel who was six. The six of them are on the run from scientist which the six of them call white-coasts. The reason is that they have special abilities which are that Angel can hear people's thoughts and all of them can fly. This all

  • Consumer Equilibrium and the Law of Equi-Marginal Utility

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    various goods so as to obtain maximum satisfaction. Assumptions The principle of equi-marginal utility is based on the following assumptions: (a) The wants of a consumer remain unchanged. (b) He has a fixed income. (c) The prices of all goods are given and known to a consumer. (d) He is one of the many buyers in the sense that he is powerless to alter the market price. (e) He can spend his income in small amounts. (f) He acts rationally in the sense that he want maximum satisfaction (g) Utility is

  • Heart Rate Lab Report

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    have gathered from my experiment I have put into graph form. From my results I have found out that the more I exercise the longer I exercise the longer it takes for my pulse to return to normal, I think that I did not reach my potential maximum heart rate because the exercised was not strenuous enough for my body. I also discovered that when taking my pulse it takes a few seconds for the strong pulse to get back to the surface. I found out that this is because the blood is

  • The Sun and Its Features

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    field is strong and there are many sunspots is called a solar maximum. The sun approached one of its solar maximums in the year 2000, and this maximum affected the conditions on earth. For example, the aurora borealis, or "Northern Lights" we see in the sky are much brighter during a solar maximum. They are also more spread out over the sky. In normal years the northern lights can only be seen over the poles, but during a solar maximum they are visible to much of the northern United States and Europe

  • Math Coursework - The Fencing Problem

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    metres · It must fence the maximum area of land Different shapes of fence with the same perimeter can cover different areas. The difficulty is finding out which shape would cover the maximum area of land using the fencing with a fixed perimeter. Aim The aim of the investigation is to find out which shape or shapes of fencing will cover the maximum area of land using exactly 1000 metres of fencing material. Prediction I am predicting that the maximum area of land covered will be

  • The Open Box Problem

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    any given rectangular sheet of card, but first I am going to experiment with a square to make it easier for me to investigate rectangles. I am going to begin by investigating a square with a side length of 10 cm. Using this side length, the maximum whole number I can cut off each corner is 4.9cm, as otherwise I would not have any box left. I am going to begin by looking into going up in 0.1cm from 0cm being the cut out of the box corners. The formula that needs to be used to get the

  • Sunspots

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    including real estate sales to fluctuations in the climate have been attributed to the cycle of sunspots. These fluctuations may be an explanation of the decline of Sun worship in India due the increased sunspot activity during the time of the Medieval Maximum. Throughtout history these fluctuations have been omens (e.g. a slave revolutionists incited a riot when he interpreted the site of a large black area on the Sun as the black taking over the white) (Schaefer 38). There are also modern examples of

  • Persaid History

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    shower occurring in August that emanated from the constellation Perseus. The first observer to provide an hourly count for this shower was Eduard Heis (Münster), who found a maximum rate of 160 meteors per hour in 1839. Observations by Heis and other observers around the world continued almost annually thereafter, with maximum rates typically falling between 37 and 88 per hour through 1858. Interestingly, the rates jumped to between 78 and 102 in 1861, according to estimates by four different observers

  • COP 3530, Discrete Data Structures and Algorithms, Summer 1999, Homework 1

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    Question 1. Suppose you want to find the maximum of a sequence or vector a of n distinct integers. Write an algorithm to do this in O(n) time, for any sequence of n distinct integers. max = very large negative number input(a) for i = 1 to n do if a[i] > max then max = a[i] endfor output(max) * Question 2. You could assume that you know the maximum value of a before you search for it. That is, if a has values in the interval [0,101], then the maximum would be 101. The best case (least work)

  • Ohm's Law

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    Electric wires Diagrams: ========= R1: R2: R1 + R2 (in series): R1 + R2 (in parallel): Method: 1. Set up the apparatus 4 times as shown in the diagrams above 2. Set the power supply to 6v 3. Set the variable resistor to maximum resistance 4. Switch on the power and note the ammeter and voltmeter readings 5. Reduce the resistance of the variable resistor 6. Repeat steps 4, and 5 until at least five 8 sets of readings have been obtained 7. Change the setting of

  • sequential gearboxes

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    transmissions because of the physics of the gasoline engine. First of all any engine has a redline. A red line is the maximum rpm value above which the engine cannot go without blowing up and sending parts flying everywhere. Transmissions use gears and gear ratios to keep the engine running under its redline. Secondly, transmissions are needed in order to keep the engine in its maximum torque range. Without a transmission the engine would not be efficient at all, because it would never stay in the rpm

  • Why Is Monopolies Harmful And How Can Regulation Ameliorate These Harm

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    greater benefits to the public. A monopoly can therefore be compared to perfect competition. If the benefits of perfect competition outweigh the benefits of monopoly then a monopoly can be regarded as ‘harmful' since the consumers are not receiving the maximum possible utility for their purchases. Monopolies are criticised for their high prices, high profits and insensitivity to the public. Some governments therefore, in the light of these protests, advocate policies relating to monopolies, in order to

  • Ionic Bond

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    constant colour or constant mass. The solubility product constant, Ksp is given in the following example: Ksp for AgCl is Ksp = [Ag][Cl] Ksp for PbI2 is Ksp = [Pb][I]2 This gives the relationship between the ions in the saturated solution and is the maximum concentration possible without creating precipitation. In this lab, solutions of lead nitrate and potassium iodide will be mixed at a number of dilutions. The reactions will then be observed to see at which point a precipitate no longer occurs. Ksp

  • Letter To The Editor About the Industrial Revolution

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    sluggish, which made the workplace even more dangerous. In 1819, the Factory Act was passed to limit the hours worked by children to a maximum of 12 hours a day. Then in 1833 another Factory Act was passed that banned children under 9 from working in the textiles industry and 10-13 year olds limited to a 48-hour week. In 1844 yet another was passed that set a maximum of 12 hours work per day for women. Then in 1847, that decreased to 10 hours work per day for women and children. The Factory Act of

  • Investigating the Volume of an Open Box

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    specified original card size. Square card size I am going to begin by investigating a square card because this will give me a basic formula which I can elaborate on. I will start with a round number of 20cm for the length. This means that the maximum cut out square length I can cut out will be 9cm else I will have no box left. The formula for the volume of any box is as follows: [IMAGE] Below, there is a diagram to explain where all these figures come from. [IMAGE] I have also

  • An Experiment on Obedience in The Pearl´s of Obedience by Stanley Milgram

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    answers. The foretold outcome or this experiment was expressed by several people who are familiar with behavioral sciences. They predicted that the majority of subjects would not pass 150 volts, and that a few crazed lunatics would reach the maximum voltage. This conclusion was disproved from Milgram’s experiment. The majority of the subjects obeyed the experimenter to the end. There were several reactions to the experiment. Some people showed signs of tension or stress, others laughed, and

  • Mortar Exam 0341

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    Knowledge, Loyalty, Endurance 2     What is the purpose of an NCO?     To train and supervise subordinate Marines 3     What is the maximum effective range of the M249 SAW?     1,000 m 4     What is the sustained rate of fire of the M249?     85 rounds per minute 5     What determines a hot barrel for the M249?     200 rounds in 2 minutes 6     What is the maximum effective range of the M203 grenade launcher?     Area Target: 350 m; Point Target: 150 m 7     What are the characteristics of the M252

  • Planning Retirement

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    Fully 25% of affluent nonretirees think it's likely they will run out of money before they die vs. only 12% of well-off retirees.Affluent retirees single biggest regret is failing to put more money in tax-deferred retirees said they invested the maximum the law permits, compared with only 48% of the affluent nonretirees polled.Strategies1. Figure out how much income you'll need in retirement. Retirees told us that to support ...

  • The Geography Of Israel

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    lies at the eastern edge of the Mediterranean Sea. Egypt borders it on the southwest, Jordan in the east, Syria on the north. The total area of Israel is about 20,700 square kilometers (about 8,000 square miles). Israel stretches north to south to a maximum length of about 420 kilometers, from east to west it varies from 16 to 115 kilometers.” Encarta Israel has a diversity of landforms. “The highest areas are found in the mountainous regions in the north. Har Meron at 3,963 feet is the highest point