Essay on Making Ghana a Good Society

Essay on Making Ghana a Good Society

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The concept of the good society has over the years been that one supreme and ideal picture many have tried to paint. The countless number of routes to complete this picture seems to be the yardstick that has drawn the line between who is getting there and who is not. In taking strategic steps and following paths, some have taken paths that have drawn them closer to achieving a good society. Others seem to have taken a wrong turn at some point hence placing them miles away from getting their picture to look slightly like the good society.
Several pieces are considered by different people as the vital units of a good society including justice, equity, rule of law, economic opportunity, prosperity, ethical standards and good citizenship just to mention a few (Ethics Forum, 2010). Meanwhile all these units have been broken down and linked together by James O’toole in his book “The executive compass”. O’toole represents the idea of the good society utilizing the four cardinal points of a compass with points expressing community, efficiency, equality and liberty as the key constituents of a good society. For the purpose of a constructive analysis of this philosophy of the good society O’toole’s executive compass will be used as a base line and a primary reference point. O’toole agrees that there is indeed a tension between these four ideas and goes on to examine why they are the major elements out of which a well-functioning democracy might create the good society.
Liberty is considered as the prime element of a good society. The philosophy of liberty is often explained as a state of being free within society from tyrannical restrictions imposed by authority on one's actions, thought and views (Oxford Dictionaries).Thomas Hobbes, a 1...

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