The American Democratic Republic

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“I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." Although the United States is moving toward a more democratic political system, the framers of the constitution aimed at creating a republic government. The word democracy is never even mentioned in the United States Constitution. Our modern government is a blend of both democratic and republican ideals called the American Democratic Republic.
When the founding fathers of the United States met together to create a new government system, they had imagined a system that limited government power and protected the rights of the individuals. The framers wanted popular consent but with limits on the amount of power the majority would be allowed. A republic government, by definition, celebrates freedom and individual rights but views too much government and majority rule as threats to individuals. (pg. 5) A democratic government is ruled by the majority without consideration of the thoughts or wellbeing of the minorities. By basing the new government on a republic ideal, the framers were hoping to create a system in which all men are created equal and have certain unalienable rights. (pg. 7) However, this equality and rights were not extended to women, slaves, or the poor.
Since it was believed that human beings reach their highest levels of morality and virtue by participating in government, (pg. 6) it would only make sense to create a government for the people by the people. But in order to limit the government and protect the rights of citizens, the new government would have to consist of checks and balances type of system. This is the reason for the three...

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...favored the interest of the needy but not the common good of all. (pg. A-35) Democracy ensures that the majority will rule and, in most cases, the majority consists of the less fortunate and the poor. In a democracy the minority has no rights and is subject only to the privileges granted by the dictatorship of the majority. A good example of democracy in action is a lynch mob. The majority decides the guilt of the minority and acts according to their popular consensus. Republican ideals help protect the minority from the majority and limits power of both the majority and the government. Both forms have their good and bad points and the United States government is a mix of all those points.

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