Dalton Conlay's Relation Between Human And Society

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Criminal justice is the act of using the law to correct or punish a morally wrong conduct. The effectiveness would depend on the laws of the country and the individuals applying the law to bring about justice. The society contributes to the crime rate in any environment as well as the justice that is to be exercised. As a result of this, some people have develop the interest to study the relation between humanity and society and how society influence’s humankind. These people are called social scientist.
According to Dalton Conlay, sociology is the “study of human society and the social structure and dynamics or lies in the inner social structure of history and biography.” Conlay goes on to explain that a sociologist achieves success only
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The film, La Haine is depicts the unserviceable life of Vinz, Hubert, and Eisten. Since we watched it as a class, implies that, the film is accessible to the public and there are many unteachable films like La Haine on You Tube for anyone to download. Others may watch the film just for relaxation. People whose consciences are well form will perceive it positively. Those with well-formed consciences will positively noticed that as a youth, studies or work leads to a fruitful life, so as not to end up being a bastard. Another lesson that stands out in the film is; one crime leads to another, and just like Vinz, one may end up losing his/her life in a shameful manner. Thirdly, Vinz, Hubert and Einsten were not positively supportive to each other. In life, it is better to stay without a friend than to have awful friends whose mission is to negatively sway each other into…show more content…
The society is a whole world of beauty and offers a lot for those who are open to ripe the succulent fruits in it. Good governance and the values, mold an individual; therefore, these are those who would look at the society with a positive lens and influence the society positively. There are those who would view with a negative lens but then, with time, some may be transformed and they will used their bad experiences to rescue those suffering the same or similar issues like them. These people work tirelessly to assist a suffering
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