Make The Switch Of Windows 10, Or Stick With Windows 8 Essay

Make The Switch Of Windows 10, Or Stick With Windows 8 Essay

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Make the switch to Windows 10, or stick with windows 8? That shall be the big question, nonetheless, before making a decision, make sure to read up on each to see which one would be a better fit. Let us talk about some of the reasons why Windows 10 works best for me. Similar to other Windows versions, it gives the upgrade free with many new features. However, it loses a few features like the original start screen, and start screen. Choosing to switch, or not is not really a big decision to make. So think about it!
Microsoft has essentially started over with Windows 10 and has fixed some of the pitfalls from Windows 8. This upgraded version is a blend of the original start menu and the 8 start screen. The new start menu has the look and feel of the original, but also incorporates the "live tile" aspects of Windows 8 and is completely customizable. Similar to Windows 8, users can pin their favorite apps to the start menu and get real-time information from them at a glance with the "live tiles". Microsoft has also introduced its version of a digital assistant called Cortana. Cortana can provide information such as sports scores, weather, news, and more. Of course some may find it strange to talk to their PCs. (Howell, Art, “25)
Windows 10 does introduce a new reduced Internet browser called Edge which can replace Internet Explorer. Combined into the browser is Cortana as well, therefore, it gives access to highlight words that are seen, right-click to get more information and context about it. Edge is less demanding on its resources than other browsers. This can be harsh when running a PC with limited memory. Do not let this be the reason not to switch because Internet Explorer is still available if preferred.
Windows 10 comes prelo...

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...le to use with mouse and keyboard, or with the touch interface, if the device is touch screen capable. Windows 8.1 has a built in sky-drive cloud storage, that lets files be saved in their sky-drive account. Easy access to your files from anywhere with the device that is linked to a sky-drive account. The start-up is fast, very secure, boots and shuts down at a decent speed. Also, it gives access to windows market place where the install of applications is located.
In other words, Windows 10 since it is new gives a better option with all the updates. The upgrade is offered for free and is very easy to grasp how to navigate it. The set-up is a little different, but is a lot more accessible. The different features that Windows 10 offers on top of the older features makes it beneficial too. This is why choosing to switch from Windows 8 to Windows 10 is a great idea.

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