The Main Aspects Of A Political Party Organization Essay

The Main Aspects Of A Political Party Organization Essay

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As political parties adapt to the norms or beliefs of the society the parties’ definition changes along with this adaptation. Firstly, the three aspects of a political party organization, party in government and party in the electorate. Party organization is the parties’ leaders and professionals who give their time, money and skills to their specific party. They are the ones who run the party at the national, state and local levels. Volunteers for the party are under this. The leaders of the party organization would be Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus and Democratic National Committee Chairman Donna Brazil. The party in government are the party candidates and office holders, who are a part of the three branches of government at the state, local and federal level. So the party in government as of 2016 will be Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton because they are running for President. In addition, President Obama because he still holding his office as president. The party in the electorate is the last aspect of a political party, they are individuals that identify themselves with a party and do so by voting. So individuals that identify themselves as Republicans and Democrats.
What some of us that have minimum political knowledge belief is that there were only two political parties, Democrats, and Republicans throughout American History. Which is totally false, because as societal norms and people’s ideologies have changed over time so have political parties and what they believe in. America’s first political party was the anti-federalist and federalist and this came about due to a division between the founding fathers of the structure of government. The federalist called for a strong central governmen...

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...nalized affect the whole governmental spectrum. For instance, state politics are not isolated from national forces and vice versa. So, as a result, it is very hard for state candidate to get away from policies from national party figures. Like McCain tried to do in 2008 presidential campaign by trying to distance himself from Bush, because no one wanted another Bush term. This also pertains to people’s loyalty to their party, which is especially important in a national election. People will vote for their party leaders even if they do not like their stance because they do not want the opposing party to win. Parties have also become national because a majority of Americans are members of a political party and they end up giving funds to help their parties candidates win elections. So that leads to no demand for another party outside of the two national parties.

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