Luring Interntional Students to the United Kingdom Essay

Luring Interntional Students to the United Kingdom Essay

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The Government of United Kingdom provide several tactics to lure international students to maintain its stake of number one and largest destination for international students seeking higher education overseas (Binsardi and Ekwulugo, 2003). In order to get success in the present environment globally, students must develop some key global cultural skills. (Cant, 2004). This has resulted in an increase in globalization in education field too around the world (Enders, 2004).

The very limited studies have been conducted on the decision making process of the students which suggest that student’s decision is based on the combination of push and pull factors. Push factors defines the economic or political factors and play key role in choice of country. Pull factors such as institutional reputation, international recognition of qualification, teaching quality and location factors have a much greater influence on particular institutional choice. Overseas students from China and India differ with Erasmus students in their motivations for studying abroad (Davey, 2005). These motivations have important implications for strategic international student recruitment, marketing, and retention. There are very little literature written about decision making of Indian students studying overseas, yet the number of Indian students in UK HE continues to rise annually.

Few theories exists which explains how young people make appropriate choices within education. The structural model, proposed by Gambetta (1996), is one of them. These explain choice in the context of economic, institutional and cultural imposed constrains upon students and their decisions can be anticipated along socio-economic, cultural and ethnic lines. These theories have also been u...

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...47 No. 3,
pp. 361 82.

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