Lu Xun 's The Imperial Civil Service Examination Essay

Lu Xun 's The Imperial Civil Service Examination Essay

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In March of 1919, Lu Xun wrote Kong Yiji. According to one source, it is considered by some people that Lu Xun wrote this story to express the sadness of the students at the time. Others have suggested that he wrote it to explain what was wrong with the 'feudal society ', where people could easily waste their entire life trying to pass pointless exams. In my opinion, the best interpretation of Lu Xun’s short story is that he wrote Kong Yiji to explain the faults of the feudal society in China during the time period. In the story, he describes the life of Kong Yiji and how he ends up becoming completely irrelevant just because he couldn’t pass the ‘imperial civil service examination’ to become a successful person. My interpretation of Lu Xun’s short story, Kong Yiji, is that he relates Kong Yiji to any male adult in China during the time period, because regardless of his wealth or social status, he could become a high-ranking government official just by passing the imperial examination.
According to a summary of Lu Xun’s life, Lu Xun worked as a teacher in his hometown and then as a low-level government official in Beijing. After that, he returned to writing and became associated with the Nascent Chinese Literary Movement in 1918. That year, he published Diary of a Madman. The story was about the criticism of traditional Confucian culture, where the madman narrator sees it as a ‘man-eating’ society. Another representative work is The Real Story of Ah-Q. With a mixture of humor and sadness, it added ‘Ah Q-ism’ to the modern Chinese language as a term characterizing the Chinese preference for justifying defeat as a ‘spiritual or moral victory.’ Lu Xun continued to struggle with his increasingly negative view of Chinese society throu...

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... questions the moral characteristics of Lu Village, which represents the Chinese society in this case, represented by all those who mock and make fun of him, making it difficult or impossible for him to assume the role of the educated people, yet even after he reduced down to a lower-class person, on the verge of poverty and almost becoming a beggar, Kong Yiji still lives in self-denial, fully unable to manage his day to day existence, just like the average people in China of the time, except for the 5 percent that managed to pass the imperial examination. Kong Yiji represents a man who is a part of the waste left behind by the examination system in China. At the same time, he must take responsibility for his own weaknesses of character. In addition to that, the story showed how rude and unnecessary that people could be to those who were less fortunate than they were.

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