Low-Self-esteem: A Way of Life Taught over Centuries Essay

Low-Self-esteem: A Way of Life Taught over Centuries Essay

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How many times have you walked through the local mall and seen the present day version of beauty in a woman? Did she wear makeup? Was she thin enough to see through her skin? Or was she a more voluptuous body type? More than likely she was a thin woman who had makeup on and dyed or highlighted hair. She holds a job and is equal in legal status to a man. In most countries today, women are viewed as equal to a man both as a provider and as a citizen of the country in which they reside. Unfortunately, that has not always been the case. Women in early recorded history were viewed as nurturers/caregivers and entertainers, while being considered inferior in status to a man.
In Paleolithic times the earth became known as Mother Earth because it provided for its inhabitants in much the same ways as the women of that era provided for their families. Women were the gatherers, healers, and nurturers of their villages. They were prided for having a large, round body (which was considered healthy and conducive to child-bearing i.e. fertility). The Venus of Willendorf, a stone mother earth idol, demonstrates this effectively with its swollen fertile body. This is vastly different from how health and beauty are perceived today, with a thinner, firmer body being identified with health and well-being.
Later in Babylon circa 1800-1750 BCE Ishtar the “Queen of Heaven” was worshipped as a fertility goddess. In the plaque shown on page 20 she is shown with a round, full face, large breasts, and round hips to prove her fertility. Here the fertility icon of the time is not shown with as bulbous of a body, but is still shown with overtly feminine endowments. When Ishtar is adopted by the Egyptians, and is renamed as Isis, she soon becomes overshadowed ...

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...ble to overcome the implied societal role of being fertile child-bearers? While there is nothing wrong with women being entertainers it is past time that women have been allowed a pivotal role in society beyond whether or not they bore the future ruler or dictator of the world. Today women are still unsure of where they fit in society even though they no longer are solely relegated to a role as a housewife. Approximately, 100 years after women have gained the right to vote as equal citizens within the United States and still women cannot manage to arrange for a female to sit in the highest seat of power in the country, the White House as President. It will take centuries of healing and cooperativeness between the sexes for the damage of millennia to be undone. Will this damage to women’s psyche ever be completely undone? That is for future generations to find out.

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