Essay on Love Should Not Be Deemed As A Crime

Essay on Love Should Not Be Deemed As A Crime

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Love is a feeling that everyone in our world at some point in their lives grow a definition for. Whether it be companionship with a beloved family pet, or falling in love and spending the rest of their lives with their significant other, creating their own life and family together. Love should not be deemed as a crime, yet in this world, it has become one of the most common crimes committed. Marriage equality has been a hot button issue for quite some time and because of this, has also become a touchy subject for most people to discuss in a public and sometimes even private settings. In the end, what you choose to believe is yours to decide.
Here is a short story: One summer, a girl and her friends were playing a game of volleyball on the beach, when the ball had rolled away. Little did she know, when she retrieved the ball, that she had just met the love of her life. The stranger and Belle, our main character, ended up spending the rest of the evening together and said their goodbyes with a kiss before they went their own separate ways. Belle and her new love, soon spent every waking moment together and could not spend a moment apart; they were so madly in love. About a year had past when Belle was finally asked the one life changing question, “Will you marry me?”. Of course she said yes. The two were so happy and excited. Neither one of them could wait to tell everyone and begin making preparations for the wedding. This is the perfect love story that all girls for up hoping for is it not? What if I told you that Belle had fallen in love with a loving woman named Carrie? Would you still find this story as beautiful as you had when you believed that Belle’s lover was a man?
Heteronormativity is the perfect example of what was j...

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...ght couple on the street showing affection doesn’t seem to bother us, but when the couple is two males or two females, the story changes.
Some people might read this and think everything I just said is a whole bunch of crap. I’m not saying that they are wrong, but I am also not saying that they are right. In the end, it is not my place to tell you where to stand on this matter. People should be allowed to fall in love with whomever they want to and it should not be deemed as a crime. We all are human beings on the same earth trying to get along. When we were young, we were told to always treat people the way we would want to be treated. In order for that to actually happen, it is only fair, that we respect people for who they are and let them live their lives the way they want to. Consider the possibility of letting love and light into your world one step at a time.

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