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The Lost Letter Of Pergamum Essay

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The Lost Letter of Pergamum is a series of letters from Antipas, Calpurnius, and Luke. Throughout of the book, both Antipas and Luke exchange letters back and forth about the teachings of Jesus Christ through the narratives and eyes of Luke. Antipas begins to grow interest in Luke when he first brings up his narratives of Jesus Christ and how much of an impact he made on the Jewish/Christian community. Luke encourages Antipas to attend meetings with Christians in Pergamum and others in nearby cities. After to going to these meetings, we realize that Antipas begins to change his mind about these local Christians and Jesus. This book shows readers how the New Testament writings and other Christian gatherings made an impact on Antipas and the rest of the world.
The author’s main purpose of this novel is to try and persuade readers to appreciate these writings of the New Testament. In the author’s preface he states, “My hope is that readers of this narrative will not only enjoy the story line for its own sake, but will also profit a better appreciation of the historical context of the early Christian writings and, thereby, develop sharper instincts for understanding the writings of the New Testament in their contexts (p.10).” The author wants the reader to understand how the word of Jesus was spread throughout the city of Rome and how it impacted people during the New Testament. The author wants the reader to have the opportunity to look into the world of the New Testament and experience the lives of both Antipas and Luke. The Lost Letters of Pergamum is a fictional book that provides the narrative of Luke and how it is passed onto Antipas.
The novel starts off with the letters that Calpurnius and Antipas are exchanging about the ...

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...ould become enemies because they believed in different gods. I didn’t actually think that Antipas would become a believer and lover of Jesus Christ. The author did an excellent job in providing every detail about how Luke transformed Antipas. I completely understand when the author talks about his purpose of the book and how he wants the reader to be more appreciative of the New Testament writings during this time. It changed my perspective on biblical texts because it showed me how these narratives can completely change the views of someone who at first didn’t care to worship Jesus Christ. The author brings the reader into the lives of these characters and shows them how the word of God changed them as a person and a believer of Jesus Christ. I now have a completely new perspective on the New Testament writings and how powerful they were to people during this time.

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