Lord Of The Flies: An Interview With Ralph

Lord Of The Flies: An Interview With Ralph

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My name is Piggy the first day I met Ralph I thought I was going to have a best friend. Come to find out he is the complete opposite of what I expected. The first thing he does is call me Piggy, a name that I got from being teased in school. Then I showed Ralph how to use the sea shell as a conch and he does not even say thank you. When Ralph finally got the hang of the conch he blew it so loud that all the birds flew into the air. Next thing we know tons and tons of children start to come out of the woods. Once we noticed that there were no more children coming, there needed to be order. Since I taught Ralph how to use the conch everyone thought he should be leader which he gladly accepted. After that we met a kid named Jack and his choir boy's. He was very mean to me and picked on me all the time. Jack and I might not become good friends but it looks like Ralph and him get along that's all that matters, that everyone can get along. I have to go now because some children are coming over I will try to write back as soon as I can bye.

Ralph and I see a boat or smoke from some type of object. Ralph and I are thinking the same so we both start running but I had to slow down because of my asthma. We are rushing as fast as we can to the top of the mountain where the fire was made. When we got there we found out that the fire is out. Ralph is furious I can see it in his eyes it looked like he was about to blow his head off his shoulders. Suddenly, we heard cheering coming from the forest it is Jack and his friends who were suppose to be watching the fire. When they got to the fire site they had a pig they finally caught an animal so we can eat. Ralph see's the pig but right now I do not think he really cared about the food. Next thing I know Ralph is just going of at Jack about how there was a smoke signal on the sea top but the fire was out an we could not try and signal it down.

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Jack gets so mad that he picks on me and punched me in the stomach. I must go now think I here Jack coming for me.
My friends and I return to the mountain top cheering and singing because we have just caught our first pig. As soon as we make I to the top of the hill Ralph looks mad. I am thinking to my self what's wrong now I hope I did not do anything wrong. All of a sudden Ralph starts yelling at me I do not even know why so that got me very mad and I started to yell back at him. Then he tells me that there was smoke signal out at sea and how if there was a fire maybe we could have gotten rescued. Even though Ralph was mad about the fire I still think he could have been happy for me and the pig I caught so we can eat. Since I was mad instead of getting back at Ralph I picked on Piggy and punched him in the stomach. Well I got to go right now I am about to take out some more anger on Piggy.

I am very nervous right now this is my first time going hunting. We found some fresh pig dropping that mines we are on the right trail of the pig. It is only me out of may group every one else is one of Jacks friends. That even worries me more because me and Jack do not get along so who knows they could tie me down and leave for the beast to eat me. So I made sure to watch everyone around me and made sure they did not try to ambush me. I guess I can see why jack like hunting so much there is just a great rush of adrenaline searching for food. Finally we catch the sight of the pig we have been trailing we go in for the kill I through my stick at it a hit it hit the pig. Then we chase down the pig and catch it. I got to go now I can not think with Jacks friends making all that noise.
I can not stand Ralph first he yells at me for not keeping the fire going now he wants to hunt with us. Why can he just leave me a lone so I can hunt with out having to make sure he can keeping up. I see the pig and I yell attack! We all attack the pig and guess who wounds it Ralph why him out all the people now I look bad because it was his first time and he hits the pig. All the boys are cheering him on like I did not even exist and like Ralph was a hero because he caught the hit the pig on his first try. So I will be a good sport for now and congratulate him for his it by saying beginners luck. Then we take finish hunting the pig and make our way back to the mountain top. I guess this means I will have to finish writing later bye.

My thoughts on Simons' death I do not know what to say it was so sudden and shocking. I believe it was an accident we were all scared that night. How would we have known it was Simon coming out of the forest at night? Everyone is either freaked out or trying to deny that they were even a part of Simons death. Now that Simon is dead it is only me, Ralph, and Sam n' Eric that means our group is short handed. Jack same as usual trying to make everyone believe that Simon was disguise as the beast. Now that we were shorthand Jack thought it was the perfect time to ambush us my glasses so he could make a fire for his group. They came with out us even hearing them attack our shelter areas and ran back into the jungle. Now that I can not see it is very difficult for me to see. I am starting to get very worried because I can not do any thing any more just sit and wait. I get very worried when I am by my self it just scares me when I can not see. So this might be the last time I will be talking to you. Bye.

I started to realize that Jack and his friends are turning in to wild savages. Sam n' Eric and I are on the way to Castle Rock where Jack group say to try and reason with him so I can get Piggy's glasses back. On the way I took the stick from where the pigs was on and brought it with me just in case Jack would try to make a move on me. Once we reach Castle Rock Jack and his friends surround us I try to reason with him but I can see there was no longer a point. Next thing I know San n' Eric are being taken away by one of Jack group members and all of a sudden I Piggy shows up. Now Piggy starts taking to Jack but he is just getting annoyed and Roger goes to the top of the mountain and pushes a huge boulder down the hill. The boulder rolls and hit Piggy right of his feet and into the water and that was that I ever saw of Piggy. Since Piggy was dead and Sam n' Eric joined Jack it was only me and I had to run for my life because I was being chased by Jack and his savage friend an I was cut in the chest by Jack stick. Jack had made a fire that he was going to use for a fest. From no none watching the fire after it was lit it started to set the island on fire and everyone was no longer just running after me but with me to escape the fire. Finally I made it to the beach front where I saw a man in uniform with a gun at his side and a boat. He had seen the smoke and came to see if anyone was still on the island. Now that we have been rescued I guess this is where I end my story until next time.

Today's head line "Lost children found on uncrated island by a navy boat." This story was written by Mike Francis. I am interviewing the lead Ralph. Q: Can you tell me what it was like on the island? A: The Island I do not know what to say it was one of the worst things that has happed to me in my life. Q: Could you say that you learned anything. A: Yes, I can say learned a lot about friendship who to trust and how to handle yourself. I also learned it is not easy at all to be a leader. Q: What can you say was the best time on the island? A: I can say the best time on the island was in the beginning when we all got along. Q: Is it true that two children died on the island. A: It is true but I do not want to talk about that. Ralph I just want to ask one more question. Q: Are you glad to be home? A: I very glad to be home that's the only thing that kept me motivated while I was on the island. No more questions please I just want to be with my family now. If you want to know more ask Jack and his friends there the ones in the face paint. Interviewer: Glad to have you home. Ralph: Thank you it feels good to be back.
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