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  • The College Choir Concert

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    The College Choir Concert On Wednesday, May 23rd, I attended the College Choir concert in the Reamer Campus Center. The choir performed a variety of songs, ranging from pieces in Latin to traditional American folksongs. Two of the pieces featured solos, and one even featured percussion instruments. Mrs. Elinore Farnum provided piano accompaniment for each of the songs, and performed beautifully. I was extremely impressed by the talented choir members and their ability to sing such a varied range

  • Spring Choir

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    Spring Choir Concert The spring choir concert that I went to was like the percussion concert just with singing. I enjoyed listening to the singers as they sung the different melodies. As I was sitting there listening to the different singers sing I could not help but to think about how strong there voices are and how strong they must be to get over the big space of the performance center. Voice is just lost in such a big space like the one in the Price performance center, they have to work on their

  • Fall Choir Concert Appreciation

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    On November 16th, 2013, I attended a concert choir, fall choral concert. This event took place on the Wheaton College Campus, in the Edman Chapel at 7:30 pm. The chapel was well-lit, with long pews for the audience to be seated. The concert began with the audience looking up into a balcony, where the ensemble stood in neat rows. They watched the conductor, who stood on a stage in front of the audience, waiting for their cue. The first composition, "Miserere Mei, Deus", was produced by Gregorio Allegri

  • Our Church Choir

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    Our Church Choir Last year our church choir was preparing for its twenty-seventh spring concert, and I was in charge. No, I was not president of the church choir, I was the "musician's representative!" I had not an inkling what that meant, but, sure enough, my ignorance would not linger. I was to be in charge of organizing all things musical, from equipment to musicians. The musicians seemed almost ready. The choir still had three songs to learn, but with rehearsals every night and

  • All City Choir

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    singer on stage? For me, when I think about singing, I think about All City Choir. All City Choir is a try-out choir made up of about 60 kids in grades four through eight who’ve come together to sing. We also have three awesome conductors Wendy Gee, Wendy Masciotra (or who we call Mrs. M), and Eva Bettger and we sing from September through April in our two seasons: Christmas Season and Spring Season. In All City Choir, we also learn how to sing properly in many different ways. The first thing you

  • A Report on Lifeline for Children’s Choir Directors

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    exaggerating consonants as they whisper words. (ps. 22-3) This reminds me of the Fred Warning emphasis on good pronunciation. She gives some reasons why a children’s choir may sing flat or sharp, and then gives some mechanistic ways to fix them. (p. 27) A choir director must fix his own hearing, before they can get to ’first base’, with their choir members. They can do this by listening to some Bach chorales, then leave them for a week, come back and play them several times, then write them down on a manuscript

  • Choir Changed My Life

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    Choir Changed My Life Freshmen year of High School changed my life for the better, although at first I was very reluctant to think so. My mom and her boyfriend had been commuting for two years after he was offered a much better job in Las Vegas. We decided it would be best for me to finish up middle school and freshman year of high school, head out for the gambler’s city. This change was extreme for me and had I not gone, I would have never joined the choir, which is where this story begins

  • Humberside Collegiate Choir Concert Report

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    On February 27, 2014 the Humberside Collegiate Choir performed 3 songs at the Ontario Vocal Festival (OVF) in the Mayfield Secondary School auditorium. This choir wore maroon sashes with their school logo around their waists so that they could be identified as a choir. This choir sang “Fair Phyllis”, “I Value My Country”, and “One Goal”. “Fair Phyllis” This song began with a strong 4 part harmony in SATB, balanced due to the fact that their were two boy parts and two female parts, that way you couldn’t

  • Analysis Of The All-East Men's Choir Concert

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    final event I attended was the All-East Men’s Choir concert, held Saturday, November 19th, 2016 in the Ronald and Lynda Nutt theatre in the Clayton Center at Maryville College. This was an all-male choir that participated in the All-East choral competition in order to be scored on how well they performed their pieces. The choral music professor Stan McGill conducted this performance, with Webb’s School of Knoxville’s Jean Helbig accompanying. The choir performed six songs during their concert, but

  • I Attended The All East Women 's Choir Concert

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    activity essay, I attended the All-East Women’s Choir concert, held Saturday, November 19th, 2016 in the Ronald and Lynda Nutt Theatre. This choir is an all-female choir who were participating in the All-East competition in order to be scored on how well they performed their pieces. The Belmont choral music professor Lesley Mann conducted this concert, with Maryville College music professor Christy Lee accompanying. As stated in the playbill, the choir sang a multitude of songs, but in this essay I