Lives of Canadians Improved After World War 1 Essay

Lives of Canadians Improved After World War 1 Essay

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Canada struggled through many of the obstacles of war in World War 1. All their soldiers fought for their country in order to acquaintance peace throughout their land. A lot of Canada’s brave, young soldiers died for what they did in order to promote the end of war. But, after their success they came back home to their wonderful nation of Canada, they were treated with many rewards and relaxed the rest of their lives with their awaiting families. However, were their lives improved during the 1920’s? Did they have a better life for the years to come? Did everyone get their personal freedoms, or was it all just the way it was before? In this essay you will find out how the roles of women throughout Canada dramatically changed, also how technology evolved and encountered its new point of a new generation. As well as how the society of this nation changed its face on this globe.

Before the 1920’s, Women were not even considered as “Persons”. They were treated in a non-respective matter, they didn’t even have the right to vote at the elections. But due to their major contribution to the war effort at the Home Front, they gained more than just respect, they earned their right, their freedom, their right to vote and even some were elected to office, and many other liberties. And in fact the first ever woman to be elected to the House of Commons was, Agnes MacPhail, this just proves the improvement of women during the 1920’s. Then in 1927 the Famous Five made this issue of women as “Persons” even more of a concern. They took this debate to the Supreme Court on their side that women were equal to men and that the word “Persons” could also mean women. By the end they had accomplished their victory that they are equal. Subseque...

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...ed to create, in 1918-1919 due to men and women drinking far too much. This would reduce the crime rate as it did in Calgary, 93% of arrests of drunkenness went down. Fewer police officers were needed to enforce the law and some jails were closed. But then again Alcohol was made lawful again due to the reality that it is a part of the Canadian culture/life.

In conclusion, the lives of Canadians were improved as a result of the changes that occurred during the 1920’s. Women were living in liberation as they were now equal to men. They gained a lot of rights during these times. Technology advanced and made the lives of Canadians easier and more time-efficient. They made a new style of life. As well as the society, it put in place more jobs and gave out more income to the people of Canada. Canadians could now relax after the disastrous war they fought before.

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