Prohibition in Canada

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Prohibition in Canada

Prohibition was a very interesting time in the history of Canada it was a very good time period for the country and also a bad time for the country. Prohibition all began to rise around the 1840's and the 1850's by temperance groups in Canada, this set the bases for prohibition because some people were starting to see the affect that alcohol had on a society. Prohibition actually only lasted for two years ( 1917 to 1920 ) through out the entire country, except Quebec they adopted the law in 1919 but they could still sell light beer, cider and wine. At this time the laws that were in place were that alcohol was prohibited in every place in Canada except Quebec.

Prohibition was not all about the use of alcohol it was an effort to purify the society and the banning of alcohol was thought to be good for the society as a whole but, did not benefit the society any at all cause they spent just as much money trying to enforce the laws of prohibition then the people were spending on alcohol. Prohibition was a very good time some citizens though because it was a good way to make money and fast, this was by bootlegging and smuggling but, it was also a risky way to make money as it was illegal to do so. Bootlegging was a very common thing to do so back then because of the rewards in doing it. There was so much bootlegging going on during prohibition that the United States depended very much on eastern Canada when United States went dry too. A group of bootleggers from the U.S. actually came up to Luienburge and bought a boat called the Schooner and used it to ship booze out of Nova Scotia to American ships, the Schooner did this from1924 to 1928 when Nova Scotia was still dry. Smuggling was a very big business in ...

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... Prairies, in 1921 and Newfoundland followed in 1925, New Brunswick in 1927, Nova Scotia in 1929, and Prince Edward Island in 1948. Government control was a major reason why people abandoned prohibition and the lies that were said that it prevented crime and poverty and disease. The lack of funding of social events is another cause of the collapse of prohibition.

All in all prohibition proved out to be a lost cause, it did not work out well for the society or the economy of Canada, it was an effort put forward by people that thought strongly about prohibition in an effort to purify the society as a whole and start a new economy that peoples will put more money into the economy. Prohibition did not work at all. It just made crime rise, like bootlegging and smuggling liquor. But they might as well face it, the people wanted to drink and the government wanted money.
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