Canada's Involvement in the Second World War

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Canada involvement in the second world war was well calculated because unlike the first

world war, where it plunged into the war as soon as the United Kingdom got involved, in the

second world war, Mackenzie King, the Canadian leader had to wait until the parliament

consented to the involvement and Canada got involved only after Hitler invade Poland in 1939.

Unlike many countries especially in Europe that suffered economic slump during the Second

World War, Canada remained virtually unaffected during the war and its involvement set up a

foundation through which the country prospered during the years after the war. This paper will

look at the impact of the Second World War on the various aspects of life of the Canadians.


Home front refers to the civilian activities when the nations are involved in war. The

Second World War was a full blown war and what was more important to the allied and the axis

powers was homeland production. Home front life during the second world war was an integral

part of the war effort for all the nations that took part in the second world war and its impact was

felt far and wide especially in the outcome of the war (Zuehlke 24). During the war, many

governments, the Canadian government included were actively involved in their respective home

fronts as a measure to educate them on a wide variety of protective measures both at the

individual and at the national level. There was widespread propaganda to influence the citizenry

and women were a significant part of the home front because they were the ones who were the

pillars of the country during the war because most of the men were away from home fighting.


In the years after the Second World War, Canada became one of the...

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...ions (Zuehlke 48). The focus on

training of the air force and other military personnel had a positive impact even after the war

because, though the purpose of the training was to feed other countries like Britain that actively

participated in the war, by the end of the war, Canada was left with a very strong armed forces

and in fact it had the third largest and strongest navy in the world by 1950. To date, the Canadian

air force is one of the best in the world and Canada leads in the manufacture of military trucks

that have been consumed by a wide variety of countries throughout the world. These are but

some of the positive ways in which the war changed Canada but the most negative way in which

the Second World War affected Canada was the massive loss of young men who died in the

process of the war and most of them were never even buried at home (Zuehlke 50).

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