The Live Healthy Kids Program

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The Live Healthy Kids program works with different elementary school kids to encourage them to eat healthy and helps them learn how to prepare different recipes. Washington Elementary school this semester. I work with Ricci Davis as my supervisor. Every Thursday I go to the elementary school to help the kids learn how to make different healthy recipes, to encourage the kids to eat healthy. Each week we make a different recipe and the kids are encouraged to try everything so that they can find out what new foods they like. My role in this service site it to help Ricci with the kids and when she is teaching the lesson I finish the recipe and evenly plate it up so that the kids are not left unsupervised or with nothing to do. Having a directive style of leadership with high directive and low supportive behavior is the best kind of leadership style for this organization in our particular classroom. According to Hersey and Blanchard’s situational leadership grid, the leader needs to use different styles of leadership to reach different followers (Situational Leadership II 4). Their model examines the leaders need to use supportive and directive behavior. There are four leadership styles, directing, coaching, supporting, and delegating, each with varying degrees of supportive and directive behavior (Situational Leadership II 4). If a follower needs close guidance on what to do but they are interested in the task, a leader would need to take a directing leadership style (Situational Leadership II 4). This is the leadership style we take at Live Healthy Kids, in the second grade classroom I volunteer in. The kids are all very interested in what we are doing, however, they get distracted very easily. Therefore, a directing style is be... ... middle of paper ... ...and vegetables they had tried in the past week at home. Therefore, we need to get them to calm down so they can listen to instructions, so nobody gets hurt when we are working with things like knifes and hotplates. In the class we are working with the style of leadership that works best is directive, with low supportive and high directive behavior. The children need guidance and control in this setting, especially considering the fact that they sometimes work with kitchen appliances that can be dangerous if not handled appropriately. However, they already have an interest in the activity, therefore, we do not need to motivate them any further. It is important for a leader to use a leadership style appropriate to their followers needs. If a leader is not attentive to their followers needs they will not be able to effectively reach their followers and make an impact.
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