The Unhealthy School Lunches

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“Our Schools need to start teaching kids how to be healthy.”- Unknown. School lunches have created a chronic problem in a school setting, and since it hasn't been fixed, 6-11 year olds have had a 17% increased chance of becoming obese (Centers for Disease control and Prevention). Most school districts don't even bother changing the food restrictions just so they can please their students. Unhealthy school lunches are a huge problem among children in the United States, it can cause obesity, stress, and many other problems.
One problem among school lunches is how all the unhealthy foods build up over time and cause obesity. According to Connecticut Children's Medical Center, most schools in America that don't regulate their lunches calorie intake
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Relaxation and time management are a big part of a students everyday life, but it can build up and cause a lot of stress and can cause breakdowns. Schools have served unhealthy foods and snacks for years and it's made school an unhealthy environment. Sugar count in food for kids can be very dangerous, it can cause them to do poor in school and start to be stressed. It is awful that the schools are serving foods with very high sugar, and some kids when they have such a high sugar count it can cause them to be distracted and it tends to make them stressed and lose control. According to (mackinvia opposing viewpoints) Students can get stressed very easily when the work piles up it can have a huge impact on a students grades and high school…show more content…
According to the Journal of Law and Health schools that have not banned junk food have had an increase in students more excited to learn because of the sugar count unhealthy foods. Looking at the evidence regarding school lunches from the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture), students need equal grain and protein proportions to have a healthy daily diet, and over the course of 5 years schools that don't have a healthy lunch program have had their students overall GPA almost completely equivalent to the schools that have had the healthy lunch program. Although having tremendously unhealthy school lunches may not harm your GPA it can immensely harm your health. Lots of average students health are in danger just because of unhealthy school lunches, it is very necessary that schools realize that a healthy lunch program is always a beneficial option. Scientists have found that children who have healthier breakfast and lunch get better grades and have increased brain power. Some evidence points to unhealthy food but healthy food is always the answer in an effective school community. Sometimes unhealthy food is cheaper and tastes better but it can be very costly to your health especially as a
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