Essay about Literary Analysis Of Howl By Allen Ginsberg

Essay about Literary Analysis Of Howl By Allen Ginsberg

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A Cry to Society: A Literary Analysis of Howl by Allen Ginsberg
“If people believe it is real, it is real in its consequences.” -W.I. Thomas
Could there be people who are consciously aware about how they live and the way society shapes them? The quote that W.I. Thomas, in other words, means that when people think something is true, there will be consequences from that belief. For example, when I was young, these girls for some reason did not like who I was and began to spread rumors about me. Therefore, people believed them. Although I told people personally that the rumors were false, they still did not believe me and that was the consequence. With this example, it portrays how each day, people behave and interact with the environment around them yet are unconsciously aware why they do what they do. This is how society is shaped, of social expectations, also known as norms. There are possibly some people who question the human life. For instance, in the 1950 's, Allen Ginsberg, along with his friends, the Beat Poets, write their reactions on how corrupt the world can be. Ginsberg uses his lengthy, crazy-worded poem Howl to explain his view on the world to successfully open up people 's minds that there is good to the bad social truths and injustice in our lives.
Howl is not like most poems. There are three parts to Ginsberg’s poem and it contains no stanzas but many lines. However, those lines is a long, grammatically correct sentence. The first part of Howl is 78 lines long and is an introduction to his journey through the human social world. He begins talking about the, “best minds of [his] generation” (Howl line 1), which are him and his friends and their journey filled with drugs, sex, school, faith, and many other aspects i...

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...l prayers that some would hear in a church. Ginsberg’s prayer is full of support, that all these happenings in the world is all bad but there is good to it. He wants readers and people to know that social injustice is inevitable and that it is alright. In part two he mentions that Moloch is evil, but in the footnote, he prays for the “Angel in Moloch.” Every little thing in the world, good or bad, it is holy.
Overall, what Ginsberg was trying to say is that we are ALL mad and crazy, but we are all also good. Ginsberg questions the human social actions throughout his journey with his friends, and wrote Howl to help others understand the social discrimination and chaos in the world. For me, I understand the reason behind the actions those bullies and their rumors have done to me, and that’s okay. It is a social truth, that society is unfair and cruel, also inevitable.

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