Analysis Of Francesca Lia Block's 'Wolf'

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In Francesca Lia Block’s Wolf, displays a young girl struggle to over come and admit to escape her abusive home life. Throughout time women have struggled to escape the gruesome home life that they have to go through. Whether that be from the struggles of rape of men throwing them self on to the women, or from an abusive relationship in that man beating them. Although Block story is about the little girl story of overcoming the abusive relationship the little girl believes in so much more than that. Within the passage in the Wolf where the little girl discusses how she is not a victim by nature which represents block’s fear of women being blamed for being in abusive relationship. Throughout all of the passages she displays this courage to face the man and to protect her mother from every thing that she has to go through. Within the passage the little girl feared every day what the guy was going to due to her and her mother. Throughout the whole passage she describes how he would force him self on to her and take advantage of her. The little girl does state, that she knows her mother goes through the same experiences that she does but is afraid to tell her that she does go through that. In the passage she…show more content…
The overall message of the passage was that with all the struggles that the little girl went through you can still over come those struggles. With having to deal with someone abusing her mother, to having to deal with in order to protect her mother was to leave and finally having to kill someone in order to protect her self. This little girl has experience more things in life than many people will ever have to deal with. I really do believe that Blocks message that she was trying to give her readers is that there are some real struggles that people go through. It’s how you learn and over come those struggles is the person that everyone should know about

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