Lincoln Park And The Park Essay

Lincoln Park And The Park Essay

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Lincoln park is one of the first parks built in Los Angeles; it’s located in Lincoln Height. There are a lot of neighborhoods going to the park during the daytime. The populations in Lincoln Height are small, but most of them like to go to the Lincoln Park. The park is large and with a lot of entertainments and programs that fit all age people. It supports to be a fun places for the neighborhood, but it also a dangerous place at the night. Recreation parks can be dangerous at night depending on the area they are located at. Lincoln Park is considered one of the dangerous parks at the night. The government should keep the park safe at any hour by building a gate around the park, so no homeless or any drug activities happens in the park. Murders have also happened in the park at night and around the area of the park. That is why it is important for the government to build a gate around the park so nothing happens inside the park.
A gate should be built around the park from preventing any homeless from sleeping there at night and making the park dirty. Homeless and hobos have been wandering around the park at night and have been sleeping in the park at night. They have been creating a mess in the park and making the park dirty. In the past when I fast went to Lincoln Park the park was very beautiful and clean. It did not have any trash on the floor and there was graffiti on the walls. There were no drugs or any inappropriate items found in the park. When I went back to Lincoln Park a few month ago the park has changed. There was a bad smell in the air around and in the park. There was trash on the ground and made it hard me to stay there a minute longer because the park was so dirty.
In the article “Going to the park? Don’t trip on a...

... middle of paper ... 7:30 pm near Lincoln Park. A 11 year old girl was also shot, but she was shot in the back and was seriously injured. Miguel was bleeding out at the crime scene when the police found him lying on the ground dead. Los Angeles Fire Department paramedics responding to the scene took Miguel and the girl to County-USC Hospital. Miguel died a short moment after he arrived at the hospital and the girl was treated for her injuries and is expected to make a full recovery. “Miguel was a documented gang member and that the killing was a gang-related incident, not a robbery as news outlets had reported.” It is stated in the article that this shooting is related to a gang activity and Miguel was a gang member. This shows that crimes scene around Lincoln Park is related to gang activities. This shows that it is very dangerous around the park at night because people can get shot.

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