Analysis Of The Book Punished: Policing The Lives Of Black And Latino Boys

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Ryan Sangalang
Sociology Intro

Punished Assignment The book Punished: Policing the lives of Black and Latino boys by Victor Rios is about the Latinos and African Americans in poor parts of the city joining gangs, do violence, and ending up in prison. It is also add how the police are handling the situation differently in these areas. The researcher is Victor Rios and the goal is to change how the police should handle in these poor communities and to have trust to prevent a crime that is unrelated with African Americans and Latinos. Additionally to develop new programs to help these young people out of prison to be productive, to be part of society, and to create a brighter future for these young people and their community. This is
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That the experience is very unique and would even match others that are similar to another to be connected to form for a purpose. This helps because it will unite people who have the same issues or issues that are similar to express and to change some of things that needed to be changed. It makes the story real to be very detailed and also show the reaction to other people. This also paint a picture into people mind to feel like they are there with the person that are telling the story. The example Victor Rios shown were well detail and very realistic to be felt like you were there at the scene with the person in that place and time. For one is to feel like to be at Oakland during that time in the situation that they are in to be tough and desperate. Another when Victor Rios explains the ritual for gang member to be realistic of the process and also some of the action they have to participate during their daily lives. This is very important to know what the situation is and how to find a way to resolve the problem without adding more problems to make it worst for everyone around it. This will also give way to other solution solve other problems that are non-related or related to make it easier. To this novel these problems could be solved to be small step to helping out the youth through programs and then to larger steps like…show more content…
In the neighborhood I live is in the Koreatown / Wilshire Center and haven’t experience a lot of crime which is also part of the low crime rate in the neighborhood. Also the police presence here in my neighborhood is very light and the relations with the police is normal. The only time the police will be serious if the crime is too dangerous and concern for the neighborhood is first. It is also different from his description from the gang violence and presence in the area I live in is very light not like other neighborhoods in Los Angeles. The difference is also the race in the area is different and comprised of mostly Asian and White which we are at a friendly relation with little to no disturbance of crime and gang violence. This also included poverty in the neighborhood I live in is very light and there is not a lot of poor people in the area. It also different the community which is very friendly and everyone is not that all cautious or worry. If there were a crime we will be notified ahead to be prepared of the concern of safety. From the description how Victor Rios described the neighborhood is almost similar to a few neighborhood of Los Angeles such as the East Los Angeles and the Compton area of Los Angeles. I had visited these area when I was riding the public transportation through these area to reach to the destination. I noticed that the area
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