Homicide In Hoinsbeck Analysis

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CNN presents the documentary, Homicide in Hollenbeck, spotlighting gang activity in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Hollenbeck. This documentary explores the subculture of gangs existing within Hollenbeck from a several perspectives. The people documented include a mother who lost both of her sons to gang violence, a priest that has tried to help rehabilitate gang members, a police officer that has worked in Hollenbeck for five years in the gang unit, and a current gang member. For a conclusion, Homicide in Hollenbeck focuses on a juvenile exposed to gang life on the cusp of decided where they want their life to lead; gangs or freedom. Problems attributed to the high rate of gang activity and number of gangs in Hollenbeck are the high poverty rate, low employment rate, and broken families that make up the majority of Hollenbeck. The crime most discussed, as per the title of the documentary, is homicide The number of gang related homicides has risen even though the criminal behavior of gangs has ultimately decreased in the neighborhood. In order to fight the overwhelming gang presence, the police believe in increasing the amount of gun power on the streets and number of jailed gang members. The priest who runs Homeboy Industries stated that he feels most gang members are just young men who can’t get out of the gang life. With more funds and opportunities, he thinks the problem could be decreased. In the end, the documentary mentions that the FBI has formed a gang center where local law enforcement agencies can share information to gain more knowledge and to better fight the presence of gangs. Predominantly, strain theory can be used to explain the criminal behavior of the Homicide in Hollenbeck documentary. In the course on juveni... ... middle of paper ... ...pported by evidence and interviews.The use of various perspectives was more affective and made the viewer truly understand the effect gangs have on the neighborhood and the people of the neighborhood. I think the documentary should have included a roundtable discussion amongst those interviewed. It would have been more powerful to see the current gang member, priest, and police officer debate the better methods for handling the gang activity in the area. It would have showcased a greater learning aspect and potential for a possible brighter future for Hollenbeck. Homicide in Hollenbeck is a useful tool to explain the broad aspects of gang activity. While, it does not delve too deep into the causes or solution, it does adequately represent the happenings in neighborhoods all over the country akin to Hollenbeck and the toll it has on the people of those communities.

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